Dad Creates A 'Roller Coaster' For His Toddler Daughter

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It's summer, and as all parents know, the days feel a million times longer. Even with all the toys and games in the world, kids always seem bored. So, parents are forced to get creative. Keeping young kids entertained is always a fun and exciting challenge, because well, they can be quite critical of our efforts. But when we find that one thing that makes them happy, it's like winning the lottery. One dad discovered that joy in a video that has gone viral. In the video, he sits with this young daughter on his knees (in a laundry basket!) and turns himself into a human roller coaster.

Seriously, this is probably the cutest thing you will see today. With a simulated roller coaster track playing live on their large screen television, the dad expertly maneuvers his toddler in the laundry basket, complete with shaking to simulate the bumpy motions of the actual roller coaster. The young girl squeals with delight as her dad leans her to the side on the turns, and aims her up and down as the roller coaster ascends and  descends. She is clearly treating it like a real live roller coaster; she keeps her hands in the basket at all times, and never gets too squirmy. And clearly, her dad is having a good time too!

It may be quite physically demanding, your average toddler is anywhere between 20 and 40 pounds. To keep them balanced on your knees like that, and then be able to keep them still enough to not tip themselves over is a real feat. Obviously, if they're having fun, they're bound to get excited, which could make it hard for them to be still. But if you can pull it off, how absolutely adorably fun could this be?

This is the best kind of roller coaster, one where there isn't a line! Theme parks are notoriously crowded, especially in the summer. That means you could be standing in lines, baking in the sun for hours for a ride that lasts maybe five minutes if you're lucky. And with little kids, that wait time is the actual worst. This dad was smart, saved himself a lot of time, not to mention money! Great job dad!

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