Kids Meal Delivery Service Will Take Care Of Your Kid's School Lunches So You Don't Have To

Packing lunch seems like an easy task in theory, but when you're rushing around trying to get multiple kids ready while also pandering to breakfast orders and finding missing socks, it can be a living nightmare. Even preparing in advance can be tricky when all you want to do after a long day at work is kick your shoes off and watch Netflix. However, this is 2019 and there may be a solution that will save you the headache. According to USA TODAY, Yumble offers a subscription meal box specifically targeted at kids so moms and dads don't have to scramble to make dinner.

After subscribing to Yumble three months ago, 31-year-old singe mom Amanda Hengesbach describes the choice as a "self-care thing." Rather than slaving over a hot stove when she gets home, she's able to spend quality time with her daughters. With the online subscription box industry booming (you can get a box for everything from tampons to cake these days) it's only natural that companies started targeting families. Alongside Yumble, Nurture Life also offers a great, healthy alternative to homecooked meals.

Yumble cofounder Joanna Parker explains that the meals come fully prepared, allowing parents to let someone else take the burden off of mealtimes. While it's great for dinner times, the boxes can also make fantastic lunches in a pinch. One of the bestsellers is the  Turkey Cheddar Pinwheels which includes green apple slices and a protein popper made of rolled oats, flax seeds, coconut, and sun butter. That's a delicious lunch that your kids will love, regardless of whether you made it or not.

Like many other food subscription companies like HelloFresh, customers get to specify what foods they like and how often they would like meals delivered. The boxes come with sticker sheets and activity books - an added bonus for dinner time on the move. Depending on how many meals you'd like, Yumble could set you back between $48 and $168 per week. While this may not be suitable for every budget, it's certainly worth looking into if you're less Betty Crocker and more Bridget Jones in the kitchen.

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