5 YouTuber Parents Who Give Their Kids Plenty Of Screen Time (& 5 Who Keep Their Kids Off-Camera Entirely)

YouTube is a strange and amazing place. There are channels for everyone from toy unboxing, education, celebrity gossip, arts and crafts, and many more. With millions of content creators out there some of them have decided to share videos of their children with their viewers.

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But others are completely against it and will not show their children at all. Though we do not believe either of these choices is wrong we thought you would like to know what YouTubes show their kids on their channels and which ones are against it. So keep reading to see which YouTube kids get screen time!

10 Josh Peck

You might recognize this YouTube from your childhood. Since starring in The Amanda Show and Drake And Josh. Josh Peck now has his very own successful YouTube channel. Peck and his wife Paige O'Brien, had a son, Max, who was born in December 2018.

Even Peck’s wife Paige does not like being in YouTube videos so we are not surprised that they are keeping Max out of the spotlight. As a child actor, Peck must feel even more so protective of his son.

9 Shaytards

In charge of the Shaytards channel is father Shay Carl. Carl and his wife, Colette, have five children together. The Shaytards channel is all about daily vlogs of what happens in their everyday lives. Shay and Colette like that they can share their lives with millions of viewers. T

hey have even shared two of their children’s birth on YouTube as well as showing videos at the hospital and the moment two of their kids were born. But Shay always mentions that he will only put his kids on camera if they want to be on camera, and we applaud that!

8 Hank Green

Hank Green is very involved in many projects on YouTube as well as posting videos on his own channel. He is known for Hanks Channel, ShiShow, and for being the creator of Vidcon. Hank and his wife, Katherine, have a son, Orin, that was born in October 2016.

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With Hank being very involved with YouTube and VidCon people were surprised when Hank said that he is not going to be sharing any videos of his son with his viewers. Though viewers understand Hank’s wishes for his son to grow up without a camera in his face, we wish we can see what little Orin looks like.

7 Philip Defranco

Known for bringing you the unbiased news is Philip Defranco. Defranco hosts his highly popular channel, The Philip Defranco Show, and is one of the original partners with YouTube. Defranco and wife, Lindsay, have two sons together.

Lindsay ran her own vlog channel (which has been put on hold indefinitely) where the two boys are featured in every video since it’s about their everyday life. Philip has had his oldest son, Trey, (who is five years old) on his new channel, A Conversation With, and dedicated a whole episode to adorable conversation with his son.

6 Elle Fowler

One of YouTube's original beauty gurus that still makes videos is Elle Fowler aka AllThatGlitters21. Fowler is married to fellow YouTuber, Alex Goot, who is known for his music channel.

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On June 21st, 2018, the couple welcomes a little boy, James Alexander Goot, into this world. While Elle still posts videos frequently on both her beauty channel and her stationary channel, she does not show any video clips of the little baby. As fans, we understand and respect that she wants to keep her son off-camera and out of the spotlight.

5 Colleen Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger started her YouTbe journey has played a delusion girl who thought she could sing under the channel Miranda Sings. Miranda’s journey has led her to have her own Netflix show, Haters Back Off, and an original Netflix comedy special both as her character.

To show fans her true self, Ballinger has created a channel where she can just be herself. Ballinger married actor, Erik Stocklin, and the two welcomed a baby boy into the world in December 2018. She was able to document her pregnancy, birth, and her life now as a mom.

4 John Green

One of the most popular young adult authors out there today is John Green. Green is known for his YouTube work with Vlogbothers, Hank Games, Mental Floss, and Crash Course. He and his Sarah, who stars in Art Assignment, have two beautiful children together.

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Even though both of them star on their own YouTube channel they do not share any videos of their children on their platforms. The most we have seen of their children in the last few years was just their oldest child, Henry, speaking out of frame.

3 Cole & Sav LaBrant

Cole and Sav LaBrant are known for their family channel, The LaBrant Fam. This YouTube couple loves to share their daily lives with their ten million subscribers. The channel just started out with Cole, Sav, and Sav’s daughter Everleigh.

But since their marriage, their family has grown and the couple welcomed their first child together into this world on December 2018. The LaBrant Fam shared everything too! From telling Everleigh that she was going to become a big sister to SAv being in the hospital for delivery, everything can be seen on their channel.

2 Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik rose to fame in her hit T.V. show as a child, Blossom, since then she has gotten a Ph.D., had two children, started as Amy Farrah Fowler in the beloved T.V. show The Big Bang Theory, and started a YouTube channel.

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Man, is there anything that she can’t do. Bialik has two boys who she does talk about a lot on her channel, but will never show their faces in a video. This is because Bialik wants her kids to have privacy and not focus on fame.

1 Family Fizz

Couple Darren and Georgie started a YouTube channel back in 2014. The couple originally showed occasional videos of their daughter Mia and Sienna, but their channel was primary about fitness and veganism.

Their channel went through a whole makeover and now they are a family vlog channel. Now they share videos of their daily lives, pranks, and more feature them and their three kids. The two oldest daughters have their own YouTube channel too called Sister Fizz. So it’s safe to say Darren and Georgie don’t mind their kids on camera.

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