10 YouTube Channels That You Need To Watch To Help You With Meal Prep

Taking care of a family is not easy, you have to make sure that everyone is getting to their activities, doing well in school while working a job. Not only are you doing all of that now you must try to find time every night to make a healthy meal for your family.

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But one thing that can help spend less time in the kitchen overall is meal planning and prepping. Don’t let meal prepping scare you, instead keep reading to discover the ten best YouTube channels to watch to help you with meal planning.

10 Fun Cheap Or Free

Jordan Page is known for her channel Fun Cheap Or Free where she is showing her frugal life with others. She has six kids so she had to master meal prepping! Now she is sharing what she learned and sharing it with other mothers.

Not only do millions of people watch her videos every week she was also featured on Rachel Ray for her impressive meal prepping too, so you know she is good! Watch this Rachel Ray approved meal planner and get some inspiration for your meals from her!

9 Amy Maryon

Amy Maryon hosts her self-titled channel that documents her and her family of twelve lives. And yes you read that right a family of twelve. With twelve mouths to feed Amy needs to be on top of meal prepping to make sure she is not spending hours every day trying to make a meal.

So meal planning and prepping is a must in Amy’s house and not only does she know how to meal prep for the week she is amazing at freezer meals as well. So make sure to watch her videos like the other ten million people have and search for Amy Maryon.

8 HealthNut Nutrition

If you are looking for a channel only devoted to food and new recipes then you need to look at HealthNut Nutrition. HealthNut Nutrition releases new mouthwatering videos every week. Not only does this channel offer recipe videos that also have plenty of meal prep videos too.

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As you can guess from the name of her channel all of the meal prep videos they release are healthy so you know your children are going to be able to get all the nutrients they need from those meals.

7 High Carb Hannah

High Carb Hannah is a fantastic channel to watch if you are looking for delicious and easy food for meal prep. Hannah is known for making tasty food that doesn't require a lot of ingredients and specialty appliances.

Even though her channel is called High Carb Hannah she does make recipes that has protein and veggies that your family is going to be able to eat and enjoy. Trust as after you watch her meal prepping and planning videos we are sure to join her and her other 685,000 subscribers.

6 The Domestic Geek

The Domestic Geek has over 1.69 million subscribers to their channel for a reason and it’s because they know how to make great meals for affordable prices. The meal plans they release are great for those who have any picky eaters.

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They have amazing meal preps for not just family dinners too, but also for breakfast and kids lunches. Watch some of their videos to feel inspired to become a master meal prepper yourself by making meals that everyone is going to love with The Domestic Geek.

5 Pick Up Limes

If you are looking for more plant-based meals to add to your meal plans then you need to watch Pick Up Limes. Pick Up Limes is a wonderful channel that wants to make eating healthy fun and easy.

The meals they come up with are flavorful and there are even some you would not even notice that there is no meat. So go with meals your family will be asking seconds for and watch Pick Up Limes meal plans to get tips and recipes from to make your meal prep time easier than you thought it could be.

4 Naturally Brittany

Naturally, Brittany is an amazing YouTube channel that shows how Brittany manages her family of four kids. She makes sure to use the appliances she has to make meal prep time fast so she can do what she likes to do and spend more time with her family.

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All of the meals that Brittany comes up with are natural and healthy for your family to eat to help them grow and develop. Check out her channel to see what recipes and meal prep will help you on your next meal prepping adventure.

3 Our Life On A Budget

If you are looking for affordable meals that can feed you and growing kids then you will love the channel Out Life On A Budget. On their channel, they have a recurring segment called Sunday Night Prep where they take you through the meals they are going to eat that week and all of the meal prep that goes in for all of those meals.

Makes some affordable meals that will not require you to go out to get random specific items and watch Our Life On A Budget.

2 Beauty & The Beastons

Beauty & The Beaston is hosted by Tiffani who is a wife and mother of three. And you can beat with three kids that Tiffani has her hands fun. So if you have kids then you need to go through her meal plan playlist to see how she spends one Sunday afternoon to make the meals for her family throughout the week.

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We know that the meals she creates will be easy for you to make so they are perfect for any meal prep beginner and become an instant favorite with your kids.

1 Mind Over Munch

One of the best YouTube channels out there for meal prep is Mind Over Munch. These meal plans are made for those who want healthy meals that are full of flavor that your family will enjoy.

The best part is that the meals that Mind Over Munch comes out with different healthy types of meal plans that will fit whatever diet your family is on like keto, low carb, or vegan. So before you go out grocery shopping make sure to watch some of Mind Over Munch videos for some inspiration.

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