10 Incredible YouTube Channels For First-Time Parents

When you are a new parent, it can feel like any small choice you make can be bad for your baby. And you are not alone in feeling this way. The majority of new moms out there are nervous about making the wrong choice for their little ones. So if you are a nervous mom, you might have a lot of questions you want to ask, but don’t know where to go. Lucky for you, we have created a list of the best YouTube parenting channels out there. So learn from some of the best channels online. Here are ten incredible YouTube channels that all first-time parents should check out.

10 The Mom’s View

The Mom’s View is going to become your go-to YouTube channel if you are a new Mom. This channel features inspirational videos from Moms for Moms. Some of the popular content include kids-friendly meals, easy crafts, and must know parenting tips.

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With over 116,500,000 views, these Moms have many faithful followers who learned all about how to tough a pregnancy and parenting can really be. So start watching The Mom’s View on YouTube and learn top secrets and tricks you’ll need to make raising your kids easier.

9 Smart Parenting

Which started off as a magazine, Smart Parenting is now a popular YouTube channel to help parents focus on raising happy and healthy kids. With new content every week for you to watch, you might end up spending hours just consuming videos about raising your little one. Smart parenting isn’t just about fun crafts and food ideas too, they have many educational videos for mom’s to watch like how to babywear safely, how to start talking to someone about postpartum, and how to deal with Mommy Guilt. Start to feel like you have things under control and watch Smart Parenting!

8 High Energy Parenting

High Energy Parenting is a channel that plans to help parents live a life full of energy, passion, health, and love. With a focus on living a healthy life, there are plenty of food and exercise videos, but also has many great parenting advice videos as well.

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Watch about how to release worrying feelings you have, how to talk your kids into doing things you need them to do without experiencing a meltdown from them, how to increase your willpower to get you through the days, and many more kinds of videos. If you are feeling like you are tired and run down after having a baby, then High Energy Parenting will give you the advice you need to start feeling like yourself.

7 Nurture

Nurture is a YouTube channel for modern parenting. This channel that posts multiple times a week with content about birthing stories, documentaries on parents and their little ones, and of course, parenting advice. Some of their popular advice videos include tips when breastfeeding, potty training tips and coping with your baby’s crying. With over 121,900,000 views, Nurture is a channel that every parent loves to go to listen to advice on a topic that they are currently going through with their children. So learn all of the tips and tricks you need by watching Nurture on YouTube.

6 WhatsUpMoms

WhatsUpMom has new videos for Moms every Monday through Friday. So if you feel like you need that little extra boost to get your confidence up this channel is for you. This channel is filled with hilarious sketches and parodies that will make you laugh until you cry because someone will finally understand what you are going through.

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But watch out for the educational videos for Mom’s about budgeting when you have kids, Mommy style advice, and the top baby gear that you are going to need! And with over a billion views, you know that WhatsUpMoms has something figured out!

5 Do It On A Dime

Do It On A Dime is a YouTube channel by Mom, Kathryn, whose mission is to lead a beautiful, organized lifestyle on a frugal budget. With two kids and a tight budget of her owns, you will learn how this Mom does it all! Kathryn releases videos about lifestyle organization, cleaning routine for you and your family, and Dollar Tree hauls-all trying to get you to live your best life on a budget. Kathryn wants to help other Moms live the life they want by being organized in your house, with your family, and in your budget. To see how a real Mom handles it all go to Do It On A Dime's YouTube channel.

4 Hand In Hand Parenting

Hand and Hand Parenting has been nurturing the parent-child connection for 25 years and they now have a YouTube channel to help parents. With weekly videos for Moms to go to to learn how to connect with their kids, you can find videos about everything!

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With content on helping parents and children deal with separation anxiety, what to do if your toddler bites, helping a child with overcoming their fears, and anything else that your little one might deal with, Hand in Hand Parenting covers it all. So go to a trusted source and watch Hand in Hand Parenting for the tips you need to help you with your little one.

3 The Parenting Junkie

Avital is the Mom behind The Parenting Junkie on YouTube. The Parenting Junkie focuses on peaceful parenting, which is a parenting style by being a mindful, respectful, simple and gentle approach to raising children in today's world. This channel is perfect for any Mom that wants to raise their kids without punishment, sticker charts, or piles of toys everywhere and helps you and your children focus on the memories and experiences they have. With videos about teaching your kids to be grateful, how to overcome being an anxious parent, how to avoid making common parenting mistakes, and other great tips, The Parenting Junkie is a go-to place for mindful parenting.

2 St. Louis Children’s Hospital

When you think of a great parenting channel on YouTube, a hospital’s channel is not an account you would think about going to for parenting advice. But St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a phenomenal resource for first-time parents to use.

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With some amazing videos for you to watch about teaching your kids about pool safety, ways to encourage your kids to be active, and even how to correctly place your kids' car seat in, this channel has wonderful advice you will be using to raise your kids at any stage of their lives. So go to the channel with trained professionals and doctors giving you some brilliant advice with St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

1 The Parenting Channel

If you strive to be a creative Mom for your little ones then The Parenting Channel on YouTube is going to be your favorite account to follow. The Parenting Channel is created from T.V. host and twelve-time Emmy-winner Vida Urbonas. With many great creative videos like kids crafts, fun healthy food, hairstyle tutorials for your little one, and tips on early childhood parenting, this channel has it all. You will be in great company with The Parenting Channel because it has over 41,900,000 views on all of their videos!

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