Your Kid Could Be The Next Star! Disney Channel Launches Digital Casting Call

If you have had big dreams for you child, now may be your chance. If you ever pictured your child on the TV, now is your shot. If your child has expressed interest in being just like their favourite actors on The Disney Channel, they can now join the exclusive team.

This means that they could be a part of a family that has seen such great shows as That’s So Raven, The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, and even Hannah Montana, where Miley Cyrus got her big start. It could just be step stool on the way to a great career.

The world is all about Disney right now, with the release of their streaming service, and they have now announced an opportunity for some new, fresh faces to join their them. Disney Channel has officially launched an open casting call for kids and teens. The best part is that it is all digital.

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Credit: YouTube / The Disney Channel

The network has said that they are looking to discover and develop diverse young talent. This launch begins today, and they will start accepting video auditions from November 19th right through to December 31st, 2019.

Judy Taylor is the SVP Casting and Talent Relations for Disney Channel, and she had this to say in her announcement: “In our ongoing efforts to reach a broader pool of talent across the U.S., our digital open casting call allows parents whose kids aspire to be actors the opportunity to submit their child’s audition right from they live.” She also stated, “this also gives Disney Channel a chance to potentially discover fresh, young and diverse talent who may not yet have agency representation.”

There are a few guidelines when it comes to auditioning for The Disney Channel. The child must be able to play an age between 8 and 16. That means they don’t necessarily have to be between those ages, but they must be able to act as if they were should a part call for it.

If any parent is interested in sending in their child’s video, they should send it to http://www.disney.com/disneychannelcasting. They can also find more detailed information about auditioning on this website as well.

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