Your Doll Can Get A Real Check-Up At The American Girl Hospital

American Girl doll hospital

If your child has an American Girl doll or has one on their holiday wish list, you know just how amazing they are. American Girl dolls come in a variety of looks and styles so your child is sure to find their perfect match, and a visit to an American Girl store is simply magical for children and parents alike. Now American Girl has created their own American Girl Doll Hospitals in two locations so your child's American Girl doll can get the check-ups they need.

Just ahead of the holiday season the American Girl flagship stores located in New York City and Chicago have recently launched a doll hospital that will take care of all of your child's doll wellness needs! Not only will your child be able to bring their doll to the hospital for free services that include a wellness exam performed by a Doll Doctor that includes a pulse, temperature and reflex check, but it also has an area where children can do their own health check-ups on their doll. They can do eye exams on the doll and take doll-sized x-rays as well as a dental check-up, according to a press release. When their dolls get a clean bill of health they receive a complimentary Certificate of Good Health.

Should the doll need a bit more attention, they can schedule an appointment with an on-site doctor who may need to perform more extensive repairs. So what does the doll hospital actually do? Well, for those dolls who may be in need, they can have their skin cleaned, and hair brushed and re-styled. Those in need of a more involved repair, such as having their head or any limbs re-attached or tightened if necessary or even eyes replaced can be either dropped off to either the Chicago or New York store or shipped for free.

American Girl doll hospital
Credit: American Girl

Dolls can also have their ears pierced at the hospital where they will receive a set of mix-and-match studs and dangle earrings or have a hearing aid expertly fitted to one or both ears. In addition to the doll hospital, the Chicago flagship store has a newly-renovated salon for both girls and their dolls and at the New York location, the company has created Julie's Groovy World NY a 1970's themed interactive space featuring fan-favorite doll Julie Albright.

American Girl dolls are definitely an investment but with so many different options available to enhance your child's experience, it is absolutely worth it.

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