Mom Catches Son Using Alexa For The Funniest Reason

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We love all the ways that technology has improved our lives and made everyday tasks easier. Really, we can do pretty much anything from the comfort of our home thanks to technology! If you have a smart home device in your home, then you know what we mean. Just ask Alexa to do it, and like some kind of magic genie, she does it! From playing music to ordering stuff off Amazon to answering questions, Alexa has our backs at all hours of the day. We don't know what we'd do without her at this point, to be honest! But as much as use Alexa, there are always new (and sneaky) ways to make her useful. One mom shared an absolutely hilarious video of her son using Alexa for the funniest reason, and we have to applaud this little guy's brilliance!

Yerelyn Cueva caught an amazing moment on camera, when she taped her son Jariel asking Alexa for the answers for his math homework. Seriously - genius! That's what we call using the resources available to you! Jariel asks Alexa for the answer to five minus three, and then writes down the answer after Alexa dutifully gives it to him. Yerelyn says that her little boy is very bright and excels in math, and was likely just being lazy in asking Alexa for her help. And she says it's probably not the first time he's done it, since the device had been in their home for a week before she busted him. Luckily, most people say it for what it was: a really funny video showing a very smart little boy as he figured out how to game the system.

Jariel had a problem, and he figured out a way to solve it! That sounds like a young man using his brain and resources to make his life a little bit easier. We have a lot of respect for his workaround, and imagine this kid is going places with that kind of ingenuity! Great job, Jariel, and good job mom! You're raising one smart little kiddo. Work smarter, not harder, that should be everyone's life motto!

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