This Craft Might Be The Answer To Get Your Kids Away From Video Games This Summer

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Now that the dog days of summer are finally here parents everywhere are forced to hear the cries of 'I'm bored' from their kids. Thanks to the recent heatwave we've been experiencing it's also been too hot to send kids outside to play if there isn't a pool or body of water nearby. Inevitably that means that kids everywhere are spending hours in front of screens, playing Fortnite, watching videos on YouTube or simply passing the time.

Thanks to the creative people over at Kidspiration, this fun craft kids can do with yarn may be just what you need to keep the kids off video games and have them explore their crafty side.

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Kidspiration released a video that shows just how easy it is for kids to create their own colorful bracelets. Like the Rainbow Loom that was all the craze a few years ago, the yarn bracelets are an easy and inexpensive way for kids to keep themselves entertained during the summer and there are no screens or batteries needed!

In the video tutorial it shows you just how simple it is for your kids to start making their own bracelets. You simply need a round piece of cardboard with 8 slits cut in the sides at equal distance and a hole in the middle made by a pencil.

Credit: Kidspiration

Gather 7 pieces of yarn or embroidery thread (that's what my kids use) and thread it through the hole in the middle of the cardboard, securing the end with a knot. Each individual strand is then attached to the cardboard by lacing it through the slits that have been cut, leaving one empty.

Credit: Kidspiration

Kids loop every third strand, and continue until they have created a bracelet. It's fun because kids can literally watch their bracelet grow as they continue to loop the thread.

Credit: Kidspiration

They can create countless bracelets or anklets for friends and family, and experiment with a wide variety of colors and lengths. Soon your kids will excited to teach their friends how to make their own bracelets and will spend their free time crafting instead of worrying about video games. (well, maybe not completely but it's definitely a fun activity!)

Credit: Kidspiration

The best part is this is a relatively inexpensive craft for kids. All you need is a piece of cardboard and some yarn or embroidery thread, which you can purchase at a variety of places like department stores, craft stores and even on Amazon.

If you're looking for a fun activity to get your kids away from the screens this summer check out Kidspiration's video tutorial and help your kids get crafty! The video also shows other ways you

Say hello to the hip new craze that doesn't need batteries - YARN 🙌😲

Say hello to the hip new craze that doesn't need batteries - YARN 🙌😲

Posted by Kidspiration on Thursday, June 28, 2018

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