Kids Can Cruise For Free Thanks To Royal Caribbean

We're right in the thick of winter, which has us dreaming of sunshine, warmer days, and sitting on the beach with a drink in our hand. Unfortunately, they're just dreams right now, as everything is currently wet or covered in snow and we haven't been warm in a very long time. But a girl can dream! And really, summer isn't too far away. We definitely need to start thinking about what we're going to do as a family in a few months, and a summer vacation trip sounds like it might be a good idea. But it can be hard to plan a vacation the whole family will enjoy, especially if you've got kids of different ages who enjoy different activities. Cruises are a great option, though! Cruise ships are all-inclusive, offer tons of entertainment options, and there's always something to do. If you've been thinking of booking a family cruise, Royal Caribbean runs an amazing sale a couple of times a year, called their WOW sale. The first sale of the year ended on February 10, but don't worry - it won't be the last chance you have to get a good deal on a fun vacation!

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The Royal Caribbean WOW sale is a great time to book a family cruise. You get 60% off your second guest, plus kids sail FOR FREE to certain destinations on trips that are at least four nights. You also get up to $400 to spend on your cruise, because even though your trip is all-inclusive, there's always something to spend money on, right? The destinations included in the WOW sale include Key West/Nassau, Western or Southern Caribbean, or the Bahamas, and trips range from 3-7 nights. It's definitely a great deal for what is sure to be a beautiful and memorable cruise!

If you missed the WOW sale, don't worry. Like we mentioned above, Royal Caribbean offers lots of different sales and promotions throughout the year. They'll run another WOW sale at some point, and they also run BOGO sales, 72 hour sales, and more. To stay in the know and have the chance to jump at the next big sale to set sail (see what we did there?), it's worth your while to sign up for promotional emails from the cruise line. We know, you probably get too many promo emails already. But do those emails save you hundreds on a dream cruise? We didn't think so.

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