Today Is 'World Redhead Day,' And We're Celebrating!

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If you've got red hair or someone in your life does then it's time to celebrate! Sunday, May 26 is World Redhead Day and is a day to celebrate all that is wonderful about redheads and being a redhead. World Redhead Day isn't just a day to celebrate the vibrant hair color but it's also a day aimed at raising awareness about the stigma that is often associated with red hair. In ancient Greece, redheads were often believed to be vampires or witches and the hair color was often associated with dark magic. Redheads are often believed to be irrational and have fiery tempers that are hard to control, but in reality, they're just lucky to have really beautiful hair color. Here are some fun facts about redheads that you can use to help celebrate the ginger in your life on May 26.

Being A Redhead is Pretty Rare

Being a redhead is incredibly rare as only about 2% of the entire world's population has it. Not surprisingly, the largest concentration of gingers can be found in Scotland, with 13% while Ireland comes a close second with 10%.

Blue Eyes Are Also Pretty Rare

Being a natural redhead is pretty rare, but being a redhead with blue eyes is even more uncommon. In fact, red hair and blue eyes are the most uncommon hair and eye color combination in the world. Most redheads will have brown eyes while some will have either hazel or green eyes. A blue-eyed redhead is truly a unicorn.

Red Hair is the Result of a Gene Mutation

Red hair is the result of a mutation of the MC1R gene. Both parents must be carriers of the gene to create children with red hair. This can happen even if the parents don't have red hair themselves!

Likely Lefties

Red hair is a recessive trait, as is being left handed. It's said that recessive traits often come in pairs which is why it's more common for redheads to also be left handed.

Redheads Need More Anesthesia

Redheads tend to be more sensitive to pain, and can often need up to 20% more anesthesia than their brown or blonde hair counterparts. Some say the mutated MC1R is the cause of redheads often being colder than others as well.

Red Hair Is Truly Beautiful

Redheads may have less hair than blondes or brunettes, but their hair strands are typically thicker which is why they have such glorious heads of hair. Redheads have on average 90,000 strands of hair while brunettes have about 140,000 and blondes have 110,000.

Skin Cancer Is A Real Risk

Having the gene that gives you that beautiful red hair can also give you an added risk for skin cancer. Having the MC1R gene can actually increase your risk of developing skin cancer almost as much as an additional 21 years of sun exposure. If you have red hair or know someone who does, sunscreen is extra important!

Make sure you spend your day celebrating the redheads in your life on May 26th by sharing all the fun facts you've learned about redheads. And don't worry, although there have often been rumors that redheads are slowly going extinct, the stunning hair color isn't going anywhere and is definitely here to stay. Happy World Redhead Day to all you gorgeous gingers!

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