Working Moms Are More Supportive Than Working Dads, Study Suggests

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There’s a new study that suggests working moms are more supportive than working dads, adding to the notion that many women are more likely to juggle their careers and family life than their partners.

Even though many working mothers – both at home and at the office – often complain about the stress and burdens that they face on a daily basis, they have a better support system than their male counterparts. Two studies were recently published by the Harvard Business Review. Both say that working women are more emotionally supportive than working men.

The first study looked at data collected by 26 working couples from the Netherlands, aged between 22 and 57. The majority of couples had kids and said that they worked at least three days a week, with men clocking in about 43 hours while women put in 30 hours a week. Each couple was given a notebook to log in the number of times that they were given emotional support from their partners. They also noted how many times their partner listened or showed them affection.

The study’s results found that men who had more stressful days at work were more likely to tune out to their wives at home. Both husband and wives noted that those days were particularly stressful at home, too.

However, the results were different when the women in the study reported their stressful days at work. The research showed that there was no change in the stress levels at home, even though women were put in the same stressful situations at work. It also didn’t have an effect on the family’s quality time spent together. This further proved that women are much more emotionally supportive, despite what obstacles they face in the office.

Another study also showed that men who had emotionally-draining mornings were less likely to show support to their co-workers. Women who had emotionally-draining mornings still managed to show support to their co-workers at their jobs, which led to a better team dynamic between them and their colleagues.

The research concluded that men often show less emotional support just because they find it difficult to juggle several different roles at once, both at home and at work. Women were still able to provide emotional support regardless of the demands in their personal and professional lives.

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