Working Moms: 20 Tips To Balance Work And Family

Balancing life and work is a topic that is super complicated. Women often ask if they can have it all. For moms who want to work full-time while raising their family, they hope that they can have it all, and, well, that's definitely what they're trying to do. Of course, there are days that are easier than others, and it can be tough to feel like you're doing a great job managing everything that you have going on. From all of the responsibilities that you have at the office, to the laundry and chores, and getting dinner on the table at home — it's no wonder that balancing kids and work can feel exhausting and difficult. Of course, it's totally worth it at the end of the day — parents would agree that they love their job and their children, but there are ups and downs like anything else in life.

It's safe to say that every working parent struggles with feeling like a rockstar parent and a bulldog employee, but there are tons of ways to balance a career, a family, and feel like we've got it down (at least most of the time).

The following 20 tips for working parents are great ways to keep it together and stay sane.

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20 Remember That Your Income Makes You Happy

If you're a working mom and are really struggling to balance your job and family, this tip from a working mom who posted on Reddit might be super helpful.

"Some days I feel like quitting work forever and raising my kids. But most days I overcome those feelings with a lot of other thoughts. I like having extra money for a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood and to take nice family vacations. I would not be happy as a SAHM."

It's a good idea to remember these two things: you're making an income which is helpful for a variety of things, and you're happy because you love your job. Keeping these two things in mind will definitely help you stay sane.

19 Spend A Full Day With Your Child

The same mom as above also shared on Reddit that for her, spending a day with her kid is really great when she's feeling all the feelings about being a working mom: "I would say when these feelings really get to you, take a day off to just be with your son during the week. Maybe even a couple days. Get a refill on spending lots of special time with him. And the re-evaluate your feelings after that."

This is a really practical idea since most people have a bunch of vacation/sick days and can definitely take one day off every once in a while. And your kid will absolutely love it since it's a break from their routine as well, which is a bonus.

18 Go On A Trip

For working moms who are feeling like it's tough to balance raising their children and doing an amazing job at, well, their job, it might be helpful to think about two things: if they can go on a trip to get away and recharge, or if they can change anything in their schedule.

This tip to stay sane also comes from Reddit: "When I feel that feeling creeping in I think 1) vacation? 2) what can I change? 3) mental note to check back with myself in a month to see if anything is different."

The last part is smart, too, since for most people, their lives and their feelings change all the time. It's okay to recognize that and ask yourself every month if you're doing okay.

17 Hire A Cleaning Service If It's Possible

It's hard enough for someone who isn't a parent yet to maintain a clean home, and for a working mom, dealing with the endless piles of laundry, dishes that need to be washed, and everything else that needs to be done in the house seems to be stressful and overwhelming.

We as women have to be okay with asking people for help sometimes.

This working mom on Reddit shared this awesome tip to stay sane: hire a cleaning service. She said, "It's so worth it! I use an individual rather than a service bc it's much cheaper. I have to check references etc., myself..." she said. She continued her praise by saying, "I love it. I hate cleaning and it saves me so much time trying to do it with kids under feet and poorly. She's efficient and better than me."

16 Remember Your Job Can Help You As a Mom

Thanks to a collection of stories and experiences from parents who work that was posted on Reddit, we have this gem of advice that is really helpful: "Skills learned on the job often make us better parents."

Any working mom can definitely feel good when hearing that statement, right? If we think about it, there are transferable skills, like time management, organization, and having compassion and patience, being a good listener... We need those skills at work and they would help us as parents, too.

15 Find An Amazing Daycare That Your Child Loves

For this working mom on Reddit, daycare is a really special place for her daughter, and they both are super happy with the situation. If two working parents can find an amazing daycare that their child loves, that's some peace of mind for sure.

They said, "I’m AMAZED at what my daughter learns at daycare. She’s a year and a half and she comes home with new words and songs everyday. She loves her classmates. She loves her teachers. She still loses her mind at the end of the day when I pick her up because she misses me, and that hurts. I think about her all day and scroll through my pictures every chance I get."

14 Have Lunch With Your Kid While Working (If Possible)

Being a working mom doesn't always mean going into an office and commuting: some working moms work from home and hire a nanny or caregiver to look after their child during that time.

For working moms at home, if it's possible to take a lunch break with your kid, do it! It's quality time spent and a nice refresher from the work day. That was an idea brought up in a thread on Reddit since that's what this working mom does: "I have someone else watching my child when I’m working. I take a lunch break with her, though." If it's possible, it sounds like a really nice and fun idea.

13 Quality Time With Your Family Is Key

Working moms can spend quality time with their family if they want to stay sane and feel happy.

This awesome advice that was shared on Reddit: "Appreciate the time you do have with your family. The less time you have, the more quality you pour into it."

This is a good thing to remember. It's like when people say that quality, not quantity, is what really counts. Your children will definitely remember the good times that you shared together and all of the amazing family memories. They won't necessarily remember that you weren't home from nine-to-five or whatever your schedule is.

12 Hiring A Full-Time Nanny Might Work For You

Thanks to this working mom who posted on Reddit, we know that if it's possible to work at home and have a full-time nanny, that could be a solution and a good way to stay sane.

They wrote, "Work at home two days a week. We have a FT [sic] nanny. They’re around but it still gives me time to work. I couldn’t do it without this."

This seems like a really good idea that would make everyone happy in both regards. Even if it's not possible because you have to go into the office and can't work from home, you could still think about hiring a nanny that your kid loves.

11 Know You Might Be Happy As A Working Mom

Why are you working? Is it for the money or the passion? At the end of the day, whatever reason you work for, drive to be the best.

As this working mom shared on Reddit, "...I’m a happier person because of my job, and thus a better mom to my kid. One of the hardest parts of becoming a mom is remembering that you’re an individual outside your family, and that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else."

10 Have A Moment In The Morning And Write Down Your Goals/To-Do List

This working mom posted on Reddit that in the morning, she wakes up early, enjoys a cup of coffee, and works on her to-do list: "I always try to wake up before the kids. This accomplishes two things. 1. I get my coffee in silence. 2. I can set up my mental morning checklist. This includes what I need for work that day. Check weather/traffic."

Why not do that yourself? If you can grab a few moments of quiet time in the morning with a cup of coffee, you'll feel much more organized and ready for the day. It'll be your new, helpful, peaceful morning routine.

9 Stay Positive And Take Care Of Yourself, Too

Staying positive is never a bad idea, and if working moms tell themselves that they are doing great, that everything is fine, and that they should take care of themselves along with their family, it'll be a recipe for happiness and success.

This working mom posted on Reddit that this is exactly what works for her: "I went back to work from maternity leave three weeks ago. It’s important to be kind to yourself! You’re still providing for your child by going to work. Just focus on the quality of your time with your baby and know you’re doing a great job!"

8 Figure Out The Minimum Amount Of Time You Will Spend With Your Child Every Day/Week

On Reddit, this working mom shared, "DH suggested I set a daily or weekly minimum target for the time I spend with LO. That helps take the pressure off, a bit."

This is something that working moms can start doing so they feel like they're definitely getting in some quality time with their children. This way, they don't have to feel guilty about going to work, which is definitely something that has come up a lot in these threads on Reddit. That seems to be something that working moms really struggle with, so this would be a big help for sure.

7 Ordering Groceries Online Could Help Sometimes

For working moms, it's really helpful to take even just one thing off their super long to-do list. Every little bit helps. So why not start ordering groceries online? If you don't have time to run to the supermarket all the time or feel like you're always forgetting items on your list (it totally happens to everyone), this is a smart plan.

Thanks to this post on Reddit, one mom had a great idea."Also if in your area you can order groceries online for either pickup or delivery, that is fantastic. I only use this when I’m not feeling well since I actually like grocery shopping, but you’ll likely find yourselves all sick as you settle into daycare so I thought I’d mention!"

6 One Day At A Time

Taking things "one day at a time" as a working mom is another tip to stay sane. It can honestly help anyone, whether they are parents or not. Everyone can stare at their schedule and freak out because there are just too many things to get done.

As this working mom who posted on Reddit says, a fellow working mom and co-worker told her, "Take it one day at a time." She continued, "It was a reminder that I do not need to think about how to manage this forever. Just one day at a time. So now, when I notice that I am feeling overwhelmed by all of the things there are to do and all the places I need to go, repeating that phrase like a mantra helps me."

5 Don't Try To Do Everything

It seems like when working moms get stressed out, it's because they want to "do everything" themselves. And be the best, most women want to be the perfect wife, mother, and employee. Chasing absolute perfection is always a recipe for disaster because no one can keep that up.

This working mom shared some really helpful advice on Reddit: "Remember there is no 'doing it all.' Sometimes our dinner is later, or has to be planned in advance (crockpots rule). My daughter and son get to see me in a professional role, hopefully resetting some traditional expectations. You are always their parent, utilizing daycare, and having a job won't take that away from you. Good luck!"

4 Have Your Partner Cook/Get Take-Out

Dinnertime is a lot to deal with for anyone, even people without children. Everyone has had the experience of arriving home after a long day of work and feeling starved, but honestly having no clue what to make for dinner. They look in the fridge and think, "Pizza would be better than any of these random leftovers..."

Thanks to this tip on Reddit, working moms can remember this to stay sane: order take-out or have their partner make dinner. As this mom shared, "For dinners, it’s not always easy but I’m lucky - my husband loves to cook. Why should it be the woman’s job all the time when we both work?... One easy dinner that’s always delicious is tacos. And don’t feel bad for getting take-out."

3 A Routine Definitely Helps

As this working mom shared on Reddit, "It’s going to suck at first, and then eventually it will suck less. You can get through it, and you’ll be hitting routines and kicking a** at work and at home in no time!"

That is so true about most things in life, not just being a working mom, but it definitely is useful advice. We might have a tough time with something at first, but it'll pass and it'll get better. We just have to get through it and remember that things are going to be okay. This post also mentions an important point: getting into a routine. That seems to be the key to being a working mom.

2 Have A Positive Attitude Toward Being A Working Mom

When something is difficult, it's easy to complain and feel like it's just the worst thing ever, but it's a good idea to maintain a smile and a positive attitude because your kids are watching.

As someone shared on Reddit, "Kids usually reflect your feelings. If you suggest they are missing out, they may start to think they're missing out. If you tell them they're lucky, they'll probably feel lucky."

This is really helpful advice and would help both a mom and her child feel okay about her going to work every day. Looking on the bridge side is always a smart thing to do.

1 Remember You're A Role Model

What's the final tip to stay sane as a working mom? Think about the fact that you're a positive role model for your child.

This working mom shared this beautiful point on Reddit: "Your daughter will be more than happy with your parents and in-laws. They don't miss us as much as we miss them! But she will equally be thrilled to see you and/or your husband at the end of the day. I read an article the other day stating that daughters of working mothers go on to be more successful in life than those with mothers who do not work. You are being a role model for your daughter and you should be very proud of that. You are doing a great job!"


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