New Working Moms Don't Believe There's Such A Thing As 'Work-Life Balance'

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Many moms across the nation are now confirming something that many of us already knew: there’s no such thing as a work and life balance. At least, there’s no way of managing it all. In fact, more and more working moms are willing to open up and share their experiences along with their frustrations with trying to put in their best effort at the work place while setting aside enough time for their families.

According to new research, millennial working moms simply aren’t buying the notion that you can have it all and a full night of rest, too. A study by the Building a Better Workplace states that many moms have given up on trying to find a good balance between the work and life integration. Over 1,000 women were surveyed for the study, with many simply giving up hope on trying to find equilibrium.

For many moms, they have accepted the harsh reality that if they commit themselves to their day jobs, it will take time away from their family. But if they focus more on family time, it will take time away from their jobs. In other words, there’s no right or wrong, and no easy equation to making it all work.

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The report, from The Mom Project, says that for many working moms, it’s hard for them to ask for the time off they need for their families. Many feel too burned out by the end of the day, or are simply too afraid to ask for more time off or flexibility in the work space.

One mom who was surveyed said, "Work-life balance is kind of an older term. Balance makes me think we work for eight hours, and then we adjust and we don't work after that. We don't work like that anymore. Sometimes it's not about purely shutting it off from 5 p.m. on. I take time for family, but then I'll get back to it at 8 p.m."

Many professionals and health experts suggest that you speak to your supervisor or manager about shifting work hours or maybe even asking to work from home. A few suggestions might be to alter the traditional working hours (rather than the standard 9 to 5), work remotely, or simply control the number of hours that are inputted each week. Over 42 percent of moms who were surveyed revealed that they rank flexibility as more important than their salary.

At the same time, the study also tells moms to keep their boss’ needs in consideration. Any flexible work schedule will have a certain amount of give and take, so make sure to communicate any issues that may arise before proving to your boss that you can make your flexible schedule work.

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