Comic Shows Hurdles Working Moms Are Up Against When Building Their Career

working mom hurdles

A new viral comic illustrates the burden and the hurdles that many women face as working moms in today’s society. One billionaire businessman tweeted a cartoon that has sparked a new conversation online, as it depicts working moms struggling to reach the finish line.

Indian businessman Anand Mahindra recently tweeted a cartoon showing women in the workforce trying to overcome many hurdles that include their career, laundry, ironing, and other household chores in race with their male counterparts. The women are looking at the men in their business suits, who are all focused on the race ahead of them without any distractions, of course. Mahindra couldn’t help but realize just how difficult it is for women to juggle life at home and the office after babysitting his grandson one particular afternoon.

Mahindra writes in his caption, “I’ve been helping to baby-sit my year-old grandson this past week & it’s brought home to me the stark reality of this image. I salute every working woman & acknowledge that their successes have required a much greater amount of effort than their male counterparts.”

The Twitter post has so far gotten plenty of attention and commentary online, with over 33,000 fans living the photo and 11,000 people talking about it on the micro-blogging network site. There was even a huge debate among moms and women who either say that they hope that corporate companies and human resource departments that recruit women would keep this comic in mind while others totally disagree. One Twitter follower pointed out that it shouldn’t be up to corporate companies to give women special treatment in the work force. Instead, it should be their partners at home who can do their part in helping out with the family and daily household chores.

While there’s no doubt that both men and women are seeing a lot of changes in their roles both in the work force and at home, many critics think that it’s the overall attitude in society that needs to change. One critic wrote, “Marriage simply runs on shared responsibilities. Both the partners should help each other in their partner’s roles (if they can) otherwise they just play their respective roles as provider and homemaker.”

Many experts agree that “mommy burnout” is real and that while much can be done to help lessen the burden at home, communication between both partners at home is key. In other words, couples need to discuss what’s important to them as a family and what is important to them as individuals. That, along with compromise will help everyone benefit both in the workplace and at home.

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