Women Lose Up To Three Hours Sleep At Night Because Of Their Partners

Do you ever feel like tired is just your constant state of being now? Like, this is your life. You're just going to move through it without getting enough sleep ... ever. There are plenty of reasons we don't get enough sleep. There aren't enough hours in the day, and we're up too late and too early to get it all done! Kids drain our lives of sleep like little vampires (not just babies, either). Sometimes our worries and anxieties keep us awake, and other times it really feels like we're just too tired to sleep and the insomnia really kicks in. But according to a new study, there may be another reason we're not getting the sleep we need and deserve: our partners!

Research from the study conducted by UK mattress retailer Bensons for Beds suggests that women lose more sleep than their male partners, and a lot of the time, their male partners are actually to blame for the lost sleep. We KNEW it!

As part of the study, researchers examined 2,000 British couples and identified several reasons for sleep disruption. One in four women reported that their male partner's snoring was the main reason they lost sleep every night. Another 14% of women blamed menstrual pain and crying kids for their lack of sleep (accurate and relatable). One in three women in the study said they wake up every single night, meaning they don't get a full night's sleep with disruption ... ever.

Compare that to two of ten men who reported the same. It's no wonder half the women who participated in the study reported feeling constantly sleep deprived! The lack of sleep is having a negative affect on the women, too. One in three reported feeling depressed, and a whopping 73% said they were at their wit's end because of their lack of sleep.

It's probably a pipe dream to expect a full night's sleep every night. But honestly, need to be getting more sleep on a more regular basis. Lack of sleep can have so many detrimental affects in our lives. It affects us mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you find your sleep is constantly interrupted, it's time to come up with some new rules for how to deal with that. Make that snoring hubby get up with the kids more - time to even the playing field.

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