Woman's Dip Powder Manicure Leads to Infection

Dip manicures have become increasingly popular over the last few years despite being around since the 1980s. While many women have opted for gel or acrylic nails, mostly because they tend to last longer than traditional polish, many don't like the use of the UV lamps that are required to set the gel polish or the damage to natural nails that longtime use of acrylic nails can cause. Dip manicures have become a new option that many felt was a more natural and safer option, but one woman is warning that her recent dip manicure led to a painful infection.

The woman, identified only as Bethany told WMFY 2 News that she had visited a local Greensboro, N.C. nail salon for a dip powder manicure on October 17. With dip powder manicures the woman's nails are often dipped into a pod of pigmented powder to apply the color to the nails.

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Bethany claims that during her manicure her nail technician cut her as she was filing her nails but proceeded to dip her finger into the powder and continue her manicure. "I noticed about a week later I had little spots go up [around a few nails] and tried creams over-the-counter and then soaked them in alcohol and peroxide and it just kept getting worse, " she told the news station.

Credit: WFMY 2 News

While dip manicures are becoming increasingly popular, nail technicians aren't supposed to actually dip a client's nails into the powder pods because of the risk of transferring bacteria into the pods, and many are refusing to do them. Christine La and her sister Tuyen Day own a Chicago salon and previously told ABC 7 that powder manicures are just something they refuse to offer. "That's not anything we would even risk doing, no matter how much we would profit from it," La said. "All it takes is for one person with something, like a fungus, to dip their hands in there and then everyone else after that may or may not be affected," La added.

While dipping nails into the powder pods are common practice, most warn against using this technique at a nail salon to avoid the risk of any cross-contamination. If you want to try a dip manicure at your local salon they should be painting on the pigmented powder instead of you dipping your nails to ensure cleanliness or using a clean container to pour small amounts of powder into and discarding the remaining powder after your manicure is complete.

WFMY 2 didn't release the name of the salon that Bethany visited since they can't prove that her nail infection came from there, but Bethany has vowed she will never go to a nail salon again.

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