Woman Tries To Kidnap Baby By Posing As Social Worker From Protective Services

A woman in Santa Ana, California is accused of impersonating a social worker in order to kidnap a newborn baby from his home.

The woman went to the home of the child on May 31st and claimed that she was there to take the baby into protective custody. The baby was only 1 week old. The woman, who gave her name to police as Mayella Ortega, did not show the baby's mother any identification to back up her claims.

When the newborn's mother questioned the mystery woman, she was threatened with having the sheriff called to forcefully assist in removing the baby from the home. Luckily, the infant's mother stood her ground and refused to hand over the child.

The woman left the home in a white SUV, and the infants mother and her sisters filmed her on a cell phone as she left. The local social service agency has no records for the infants family who was visited by the mystery woman, nor do they have records of the woman who claimed to be a social worker acting on their behalf.

On Friday, the suspect turned herself in to the police and admitted to being in the cell phone footage, however she is claiming she was not trying to take the baby. The infant's mother positively identified the woman in custody as the same woman who visited her home. Police are trying to figure out what exactly happened that day, including how Ortega knew there was a brand new baby there, and how she had personal details and information about the family.

At this point in time, the investigation is ongoing, and the woman's identity and any charges that may be laid against her are unknown to the public. Santa Ana law enforcement have stated that if social services do go to a home to take a child into protective custody, they bring the police with them. It was a good thing this mother had her wits about her and refused to give up her baby.

As the investigation is still ongoing, police are requesting that anyone who has any information about this case please call the Santa Ana Police Department at 714-245-8665.

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