With The Gift Of Hindsight: 20 Celebs Who Don't Want Their Kids To Google Them

It's exceptionally challenging to be a parent in the public eye. Everything that you have done, are doing, or will do in the future is up for discussion, condemnation, and even downright scrutiny. But it can be particularly hard on the children of these individuals who may be forced to realize that their beloved parents aren’t all that they are built up to be. This is one of the reasons why so many celebrities probably don't want their younger kids to Google them anytime soon. Even older famous people who have off-spring with children of their own, probably don’t want their kids to be aware of the past. After all, people make mistakes and have been subjugated to several unfair scenarios. That’s just reality.

We have compiled a list of some of the most famous moms and dads who, more than likely, are hoping that their kids haven’t done any extensive searches of them nor have picked up a magazine or turned on the T.V. Some of these people have had unfortunate pasts but have come out on top. Others haven’t been so lucky. Regardless, they are sure to want their kids to think very highly of them. Without further ado, here are 20 Celebs Who Don't Want Their Kids To Google Them.

20 Drew Barrymore

Via:  Today Show

People often forget that Drew Barrymore was a child star before she became one of Hollywood's most promising leading women. However, she did not escape the curse of being a child star. In fact, she went down a pretty difficult road. She was forced to grow up really fast and this took a toll on her. She began having many problems and was even admitted into several facilities for them.

In 1991, she released her autobiography which gave perspective into her struggles as a child. As beautiful and honest as it was, she probably doesn't want her two children reading it (or Googling her for that matter) until they are far older and can take some of the difficult truths.

19 Robert Downey Jr.

When it comes to Hollywood comeback stories, one doesn't get more iconic than that of Robert Downey Jr. Of course, nowadays, we all know Downey as being one of the biggest movie stars in the world. But we can forget why exactly he had to come back in the first place. This is probably something that he wants us, and especially his three kids, to forget. Because the truth is a lot more uncomfortable than he would probably like to relive.

His past is really checkered at best, especially after having spent some time away for a few unsavory activities. Seriously, Downey has an impressive rap sheet. But that was a long time ago, and hopefully, his kids know as little about it as possible.

18 Martha Stewart

Chances are, Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis Stewart, knows everything there is to know about her mother's complicated past. This is not only because Alexis is older now, but because he mothers misdeeds were just all over the place. It was hard to avoid them.

This happy homemaker and television and cookbook icon faced legal issues for a number of different activities. But afterward, she staged an epic comeback alongside another complicated character, Snoop Dog.

Even though Alexis probably knows about all of this, Martha probably wished that she didn't and doesn't Google her further.

17 Alec Baldwin

Although Ireland Baldwin is more than well aware of her famous father's complex history, his youngest three (as well as the fourth on the way) may be able to remain withheld from it. Alec Baldwin first rose to fame for his roles in films like Beetlejuice and The Hunt For Red October. But he had (and still has) a bit of an anger problem. This caused him to do some pretty silly things in public. One even involved his eldest daughter Ireland.

Although Baldwin is still in the news from time to time for these things, he can do his best to make sure that his children with his wife Hilaria remain in the dark about this. Instead, they can just focus on all of this A-Lister's accomplishments in charity, on television shows like 30 Rock and SNL, as well as in the movies.

16 Mariah Carey

Via: E! News

Mariah Carey probably wants her children, Monroe and Moroccan, to stay clear from Google forever. This is because their mother has been involved in several publicized dramatic events. Most of these events put her in kind of a dim light. This is because Carey seems to like to live up to her diva-status. Sure, she sort of deserves part of that title due to being unstoppable in the ‘90s with hit after hit.

But in 2001, Mariah had a public meltdown and began posting odd messages and audio clips onto her website. Although she staged a musical comeback (to some degree), she constantly found herself bickering with other celebrities who had no problem calling her out on her attitude.

15 Nicole Richie


How did Nicole Richie do it? How did she turn her life around? Well, however she did it, she should be more than thrilled. However, she may want to do her best to make sure that her two kids, Harlow and Sparrow, don't see any of the footage from her old show with Paris Hilton. In the show, she acted like a fool, to say the least. She also faced legal issues for a few bad instances that occurred around the time of The Simple Life.

In fact, Richie was involved in so much drama that it's kind of odd that she came out of it all so healthy and happy. Good for her. But it's highly likely that she is keeping those internet blockers up on her kids' phones until they are much, much, older.

14 Russell Brand

Via: Brit + Co

Yes, Russell Brand is a dad. Some may not know that because he does a very good concealing some of this information from the public. Hopefully, he does an equally good job making sure that his kid doesn't go on a Google search binge. Although, in all likelihood, he won't have to worry about that until his child is older.

Still, the hilarious comedian, activist, and actor, probably wants to keep his history silent from his kids for as long as possible. This is because he was almost always in the spotlight for some downright rambunctious activities that landed him in deep water time and time again. He has had a number of well-documented struggles that he has come out of and learned from. One day, he may decide to use them as a teachable moment for his kids.

13 Rob Lowe

Via: People

Rob Lowe seems to be laying quite... low... right now. This makes sense since he got into some problems back in 1988 that would be totally unacceptable in today's climate. However, due to the event happening in the state of Georgia, he wasn't officially condemned for his highly questionable actions.

Some of you are probably completely in the dark about what we are referring to here. This is the way Lowe wants to keep it. Not only from you all, but from his two sons as well. It's more than likely that he doesn't want John and Matthew Lowe to make the same mistakes that he did.

12 Katherine Heigl

Via: Twitter 

Although actor Katherine Heigl didn't have as bad a past as some of the other famous people on this list, her actions were similar to those of Mariah Carrey. In short, Katherine Heigl came across as exceptionally difficult to work with and pulled some pretty silly behavior on the sets of multiple shows and movies. all of these events were highly publicized. In all likelihood, she doesn't want any of her children to know about this because it could tarnish her image in their minds. Additionally, she acted about as maturely as a toddler in some of these instances, at least according to people like Shonda Rhimes and Seth Rogan.

11 Charlize Theron

Unlike many of the celebs on this list, Charlize Theron probably doesn't want her two kids to Google her due to the events that occurred around her, as opposed to something that she did. Theron was born in Benoni, South Africa. Theron’s father struggled with many things. Certain events caused Theron to lose her dad as well as send her down a dark path. She essentially had to fend for herself and survive on the streets until someone found her and began to help her out by giving her the job of a lifetime.

One day, Theron could want her children to know her story. But since they are young, chances are, she wants to keep it quiet for now.

10 Kobe Bryant

There's no doubt that Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But he also has a very big story surrounding his character. It has pushed him out of the NBA and the spotlight forever. Although Bryant claims that he is in the right on the matter, the issue is really a sensitive subject. His wife has always stayed by his side, but chances are she too wouldn't want his two girls to know about what actually went down.

Let's just say, it's pretty ironic that Bryant had two girls after the incident. If this were news nowadays, there's no way that he would have been able to sneak away into the background unless he was proven completely guilt-free.

9 Mark Wahlberg

Via: People

If you've heard Mark Wahlberg in any interviews where he's discussed his children, like on The Howard Stern Show, you would know that he is a pretty strict and stern parent. He has a number of rules for his children that they must follow and he doesn't seem very lenient on these rules. He's also a pretty religious guy. This may be because of his past, which was full of some pretty bad events, most of which happened when Wahlberg was 16. Although he did have an event in 2014 after a bit of a brawl in Boston. Essentially, he may have a bit of a temper.

Judging by Wahlberg's parenting choices, he is probably trying to do right and make sure that his kids don't become what he was nor learn about it.

8 Idris Elba

Via: ArcaMax

We were just publically introduced to one Luther actor Idris Elba's children. This was at The Golden Globe Awards where his daughter was crowned Miss Golden Globe, tasked with guiding the celebrities on stage and helping with the hand-out of awards. Although she seems right in the thick of it, she may not be aware of her father's checkered past.

When Elba moved to New York, he was a down-on-his-luck actor and therefore resorted to some activities that made him fast money. He never got into trouble for it, but he did admit that what he did was wrong at the time. It's a teachable moment, but chances are he doesn't want his kids to know about it.

7 Leighton Meester

Like Charlize Theron, Leighton Meester wouldn't necessarily want her child, Arlo, to avoid Googling her due to anything she herself had done. However, there are some images we are sure she'd not want him to see. But Meester would probably be most concerned about some of the details of her history.

The Gossip Girl star was actually born while her mom was locked away. Although Meester claims that this event has made her a much more open and accepting individual, it also is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her family's history. In fact, this history may be something that she will want to keep Arlo from. At least, until Arlo is old enough to understand it.

6 Khloé Kardashian

It'll be mighty challenging for Khloé Kardashian to keep her kid, True, from finding out about her history. This is because Khloé belongs to a family that relishes in the fact that they can get press for doing practically nothing. However, Khloé may not want her kid to find out about the consequences she faced after being pulled over in 2007. Although it seems like the world has forgotten about this incident, as well as the one involving Caitlyn Jenner and her bad driving, there's just no way that a good mom would want her kid to find out about this. Especially, if they found out via a quick Google search.

5 Cheryl Cole

As we all know, singer Cheryl Cole had a child with One Direction singer, Liam Payne. Although their child is very young, it's highly likely that Cheryl wants to keep her past concealed from Bear for as long as she possibly can. This is because Cheryl got into some pretty big problems a few years before meeting Liam. She got away with her actions pretty easily. In fact, she only had to complete 120 hours of community service. Given how aggressive and in one's face the event was, it's pretty odd that she was given such a minor punishment. Still, she'll want to keep it all on the down-low from Bear.

4 Michael Vick

Dog lovers still loathe NFL player Michael Vick for what he did in 2007. But he did spend 21 months locked up for it and came out and did some charity work before returning to football. Still, it's highly unlikely that Vick would want any of his four young kids to know about what he did. How awkward it must be for him to tell them why they shouldn't be getting a dog. Eventually, he will have to come clean to them in some way or another. What he did was just too publicized for them to avoid it forever. But still, Vick probably has his name blocked on Google searches in order to keep his kids blissfully unaware.

3 Amber Portwood

Via: US Weekly

For those who can't remember, Amber Portwood was on MTV's 16 and Pregnant as well as on Teen Mom. Everyone who was watching her dramatic storyline may recall that she was taken in after CPS found that she was doing some pretty bad things. Although her first child was involved in the event, it was when the kid was really young and thus doesn't remember. And now that Amber has a second kid, she probably doesn't want either of them to know why she was put away. In recent years, she has cleaned up her act and continues to hope her kids see her in a good light.

2 Hugh Grant

Via: Zimbio

Hugh Grant may appear to have a squeaky-clean image, but that's far from the truth. He was involved in a number of problematic incidents, particularly one in 1995 that ended his relationship with Elizabeth Hurley. He spent a good number of years rebuilding his brand and his family life. Grant has seemingly corrected some past decisions, but we are sure that he would like to keep this information from his kids. Therefore, it's doubtful that he encourages them to Google his name. He probably wants his kids to look up to him for his vast array of philanthropic work and performances.

1 Britney Spears

Via: Billboard

We can't have a list of celebrity parents who don't want their kids Googling them without the iconic Britney Spears. She is not only one of the most famous stars out there, but also one who has been plagued by a very challenging past. Of course, she got up to all sorts of shenanigans while she was at the height of her career and then had a very public meltdown in 2006. This was followed by a public custody battle that got pretty ugly. Chances are, she absolutely does not want her boys Googling her and figuring out some of the things she has done because they aren't very parental.

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