Winter Safety Advice For Parents And Kids

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As many parents already know, the winter months are a great time to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that come with the colder weather and the snow. But at the same time, moms and dads also need to be extra mindful and cautious, especially when it comes to their kids, as all of the ice and snow can be fun, but dangerous at the same time. That’s why medical and health professionals are advising families to pay attention to a few simple rules and tips to help keep them safe during the festive holiday season this year.

According to Caring for Kids, children shouldn’t play outside by themselves. The best thing to do is to establish a buddy system with either their siblings or friends, in case something happens. When it comes to winter play, children should keep away from snowplows and snow blowers. Be careful when crossing icy roads and choose areas to play in that are away from roads, fences and water. And while building snow forts can be a lot of fun, an adult should be around in case the fort or tunnel collapses.

If your child has an adventurous soul and insists on tobogganing or sledding as much as possible this winter season, keep a few safety measures in mind. Children under the age of 5 should never go down a hill alone. Do all of your sledding during the day and avoid sledding on crowded slopes. If your child is looking to ski or snowboard, make sure they take lessons from a certified skiing or snowboarding instructor.

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Needless to say, parents should never send their children outside and unsupervised in extreme weather conditions like snow or hailstorms. Moms and dads are encouraged to use common sense in making sure that their children’s safety and health is never compromised or jeopardized by the weather conditions outside. As fun as it is to play in the snow, hypothermia is a real threat, especially if a child is not properly dressed or wears wet clothes outdoors.

In addition to hypothermia, frostbite is also a major concern. Make sure that your child’s ears are always covered when they are outside. Also, have them wear mittens, snow boots (waterproof is the best kind) and a pair of extra socks in freezing temperatures.

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