Hey Mom, You Can Now Get Yourself Some Wine Pouches!

One of the biggest bummers about being an adult is that you no longer get some of the sweet simple thrills of childhood. Things like playing outside all day, biking to the store for penny candy and kicking back with juice box. Well there's some good news for nostalgic wine moms out there, as there's a new juice box in town and it's for grown ups only! New High Key wine pouches are like the Capri Sun sun juice boxes that were the hallmark of our childhood, only they are filled with a distinctively grown up treat- wine!

This is the first time that we as consumers have been able to get single serve wine via juice box (or in this case a pouch). The flavors are Sweet White, Dry Rose, and Semi-Sweet Rose. They come in packages of six, and there's even the option of buying a variety pack so you can discover which is your favorite. Each drinkable pouch is equivalent to about a medium sized glass of wine, and contains an 12 percent alcohol content They even come with a little straw to really hit you with a throwback to your younger years.

These little pouches are sure to be hit for the summer as they are portable and  seem like a brilliantly convenient idea for backyard barbecues and camping trips. These pouches can be drunk without the aid of a corkscrew or glass, and can certainly be packed and transported easily without taking up too much space. If you thought wine couldn't get any better, the invention of these bad boys will surely make you reconsider!

At 20 bucks a pop for a package of 6, these little pouches are sure to revolutionize summer drinking for wine fans everywhere. And to think we thought that sippy cup wine glasses were the height of invention and convenience! Let's all raise our pouches to High Key for helping us drink wine in new and fun places, with a far less likelihood of breaking any glasses or having any spills! Here's to summertime, when the living (and the wine drinking) is definitely easy!

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