Target's Wine Fanny Packs Are Available To Give The Best Summer Ever

Well, summer is (pretty much) officially upon us, which means we need to start thinking about how we're going to make all this summer fun we've imagined a reality. See, in our heads, we've planned out the most amazing and magical summer of all time. But when it comes to executing it, we go a little sideways. Why must the logistics of summer be so damn hard to figure out?! For example, you might want to take your kids to the beach for the day. Awesome! But you don't want to haul around a big cooler full of food and drinks, in addition to the massive amounts of other crap you'll need.

You can't very well go to the beach or the park without sustenance (juice and snacks for the kids, wine for you and your friends, obviously). So it's obvious: you need one of these fanny pack coolers from Target. Target has, unsurprisingly, done it again. We need one of these fanny pack coolers immediately.

fanny pack cooler
Image: Target

What's more portable and easier to carry around than a fanny pack? Nothing, that's what! Backpacks keep everything on your back so it's out of reach. A fanny pack puts all you need right there near your hands. Honestly, we're not sure why more people don't use fanny packs, they're fantastic. But maybe more people will use them when they see this fanny pack cooler? Target sells them for $6 (that's it!), and it comes in an adorable grapefruit print like the one pictured, and a mermaid tale pattern.

But this isn't a regular fanny pack -this is a cool fanny pack. Literally. The insulated bag will keep your drinks and snacks cool while you wear it. It's 13.5 inches long, 5 inches high, and 4 inches deep. For comparison, a regular bottle of wine is about 12 inches tall and 3 inches across. You see what we're getting at, yes? Pull your bottle of rosé straight from the fridge and put in your pack. Or throw a few cans of sparkling wine in there, whatever floats your boat.

We suppose these can be used for non-wine purposes too, like as easy-to-carry lunch bags for your kids at camp or whatever (the strap is adjustable). But we'd be lying if we said we'll be using them for anything other than a way to transport cold drinks for ourselves. Cheers!

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