Mom Charged With Manslaughter 4 Months After Two Young Sons Drown In Pool

TW: Mentions of child death. A devastated Florida area mother is now facing manslaughter charges in connection with the May drowning deaths of her two sons. Wildline Liline Joseph, 23 and her boyfriend, John Lynn Jr., 24 are both facing two charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child each after the boys, ages five and six were said to be left alone, unsupervised for a number of hours.

It was back in May that family members found Ja'Kye Joseph, 6, and his brother Branario Minto, 5 submerged in a local condominium complex pool. Despite rescue efforts, both brothers were pronounced dead at the hospital. According to the detective's report, the brothers had been in the water for as long as two hours, 10 ABC News reports. Joseph told the news station that her sons didn’t know how to swim and that she was sleeping when her sons left the home.

Investigators state that according to surveillance video, the boys were seen running towards the pool area unsupervised at approximately 7:16 pm. Just over two hours later at 9:33 pm the 911 call was made. Detectives state the boys were underwater for almost two hours before they were discovered, the Sun Sentinel reports. Detectives believe the boys may have climbed a fence to gain access to the pool.

“Detectives said Joseph failed to provide proper care and supervision for the brothers, which made her responsible for their deaths,” according to the department.

Although John Lynn Jr. is not the biological father of either of the boys he was living with their mother at the time of the tragic drowning. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Joseph reportedly told 10 ABC. “They’re only 5, and they’re only 6. I lost my babies too early. Branario was supposed to graduate on the 28th, but it is what it is. I’m sorry. I didn’t get to save them. I’m so sorry. If I was there, I could have saved them.”

Both Lynn and Joseph are being held at the Broward Sheriff’s Office Main Jail on a $250,000 bond each and two other children, a 4-month-old and 1-year-old have been removed from the home.

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