Wife Worries She's Overreacting To Husband Wearing 'I'm With Fatty Shirt,' And Gym Membership Gift

If you've ever struggled with your body image, then you know how hurtful people can be. Even if they mean well! Sometimes people just say the dumbest stuff, and it comes off as mean and unsupportive. There's a way to be supportive of someone wanting to get healthy, and then there's ... this guy. A woman recently took to Reddit to ask AITA (Am I the Assh*le?) because she get upset over her husband's rude, insensitive remarks and actions regarding her weight. We warn you, your blood will boil while reading this - we know ours sure did! This guy is the perfect example of what NOT to do when you're trying to support someone on their health journey, and it breaks our heart that this woman is doubting her own emotional reaction after finally having enough of his crap.

Redditor u/sadaboutmybody (ugh, even this makes us sad!) asked the Reddit community to weigh in on whether or not she WTA because she was upset when her husband gave her a gym membership for her birthday. Automatic NTA from us here, but after reading some of the other destructive things he's done, we actually think she needs a good divorce attorney.

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Just reading through that list has raised our blood pressure. HE WORE AN 'I'M WITH FATTY SHIRT' ON A VACATION WITH HIS WIFE. He constantly berates her appearance, forces her on diets, throws away her food, and makes fun of her physical traits. This poor woman. Not that it matters, but she clarifies that she's 5'6" and fluctuates between 125-130 pounds. In what universe is that considered fat?! After putting up with this for three years, she finally hit her breaking point on her birthday.

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For her birthday, he gave her a couple's membership to a neighborhood gym. Now, if you ASK for a gym membership for your birthday? Cool! Super thoughtful gift. But when it's given to you without prompting by you? Rude as hell. The wife started to cry and told him how she felt, and now HE has the nerve to be offended! Luckily, the Reddit community came through, and resoundingly declared she was NTA. They also offered up some helpful advice on how to get out of what is clearly a toxic and emotionally abusive marriage. Hopefully she takes some of their advice, ditches the dirt bag, and burns his fatty shirt.

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