Wife Called 'Selfish' In Viral Tweet Of Husband Standing For Entire 6 Hour Flight

Airplane travel, for the most part, is far from glamorous. It can be uncomfortable and crowded and for many people, exhausting. Sleeping on airplanes is often difficult because it can be hard to get comfortable and relaxed enough to nod off, no matter how tired you are. One man recently showed everyone that chivalry isn’t dead when he went to extreme measures to ensure that his wife was able to sleep on a recent flight, but not everyone thinks that he was being a gentleman.

Recently a Twitter user named Courtney Lee Johnson posted a photo of a man who apparently stood for the entire duration of their six-hour flight so that his wife could lay down across the seats and sleep. Johnson was obviously impressed by the husband’s actions and captioned the pic, “This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love.” However, many of those who commented on Johnson’s picture didn’t quite agree with him.

Overwhelmingly, people felt the wife was being incredibly selfish by allowing her husband to stand for an entire flight.

“Selfish,” wrote one person who attached a picture of Rose and Jack from The Titanic.

“Not love but exploitation. She could have just rested her head on his lap. Very inconsiderate,” wrote another commenter.

“That not love. That's selfishness on the woman's part. Can't she just place her head on his shoulders and sleep? Love doesn't work like that lol,” added another.

Others felt the picture must be fake, noting that no one would be allowed to stand for an entire six-hour flight.

“The flight attendants wouldn’t even allow this,” wrote one commenter who was just a bit skeptical of the story.

“Ain’t no flight attendant in the world about to let a man stand in the aisle for 6 hours straight bye lmfaoooo” wrote another.

However, one commenter did chime in and state that on longer flights passengers are allowed to stand as long as they want.

Many commenters were confused as to why both the husband and the wife couldn’t be at least a bit comfortable?

“I'm not letting my husband stand for 6 hours so I can nap.....let me lay this head in your lap bae.....” wrote one commenter.

“That is the ultimate love, but with a little travel experience...you know to just lay in his lap and then he can lay his head on your hips. There’s a formula lol,” wrote another.

Another commenter added “She couldn’t sleep on his lap or you know on her own chair? This isn’t sweet, it’s sad. Is she dying or something?”

While Johnson may have wanted to share a sweet gesture people on the internet were not having it! Would you ever stand on a flight that long so your partner could sleep?

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