Wife Learns Husband Doesn't Regularly Change His Underwear

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Married couples don't always practice the same hygiene habits. One may prefer to shower in the morning while the other showers at night, one may prefer to shower daily while the other chooses every other day with some washing up in between. While shower practices can differ depending on the person, most people would agree that changing your underwear on a daily basis is a pretty standard basic rule of hygiene, which is why one woman went looking for advice when she discovered that her husband often repeats wearing the same pair.

A woman who goes by the username YourFavoriteCharity took to Reddit's popular AITA (Am I The A$$hole) forum to ask if she's being unreasonable after she discovered her husband's hygiene practices aren't up to her standards. Charity admits that she's a bit OCD and is a clean freak, but she's worried that her husband's poor hygiene habits will rub off on their son. "Last night my husband and I were on our way home with our 4-year-old son.," Charity began her post. "It was late and I still had to shower (hubby already had). So I asked him to "wash up" our son and put him in clean clothes. His response was something along the lines of "he'll be fine, he didn't really even sweat today"." This caused some concern for Charity who then further questioned her husband.

She said that her husband admitted to not showering every day if he hasn't been sweating much, which although not something she would do was not the hill she was going to die on. What bothered her was that he also didn't 'clean up' in lieu of a shower. "Where my issue comes in is that he also doesn't wash up, doesn't change his underwear, clean his under-parts, nothing. And he feels this is also acceptable for our 4yo son who is currently learning to wipe his own butt," she wrote. "To top it all off he doesn't use wet wipes when he poops and doesn't use wet wipes on our son when he wipes him so I just know their bums aren't getting clean."

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Charity says that her husband assures her that he doesn't " go more than a couple days without cleaning himself," but she took to the Reddit community to see if others were as grossed out by her husband's behavior as she was.

The general consensus was that Charity was not the a$$hole, but mostly with regards to the underwear issue. "Your husband should be changing his underwear every day. It’s just gross if he doesn’t," wrote one commenter. "My partner doesn't shower every day but always changes his boxers and if I noticed he didn't at any point tbh I'd be horrified I thought that was just standard hygiene :/" wrote another.

Others didn't think there was anything wrong with their differences in hygiene practices with one commenter writing, "The underwear thing, lots of men do that btw," and another adding, "Everyone has different standards for hygiene, and since you didn't notice anything on your own in spite of your OCD, your husband's standards are apparently fine."

Most, however, agreed that the couple's son needs to be taught proper hygiene practices at such a young age. "I don't think I would let a 4-year-old go too long without a bath though. Kids that age get dirty fast!!" wrote one commenter while another added, "I think it's more than reasonable to expect your SO/child to be wearing fresh underwear every day, especially if your child is still learning to wipe their bottom."

Do you think she has a right to be annoyed?

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