Here's Why Your Kids Can't Get Enough Of All The Poop Jokes

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Even on the worst parenting days, your kid will probably do something funny at least once. Whether it's a hilarious, casual mistake or they make a silly joke, you're bound to get a belly laugh in.

The most classic kind of kid joke, though? A poop one. Kids love a good poop joke, to the point where parents have wondered if it is a biological thing to think pooh is funny. As it turns out, it's not. But, there is a good reason for their love of these toilet jokes.

According to Lawrence Cohen, Ph.D., kids know that the word "poop" has a secret power.

He says that first, a child will learn a word and what it means and then they will learn the effect that word has on people. Since kids love attention and reactions, they cling to words that get the biggest reactions (which explains that dreaded "no!" phase).

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Unlike swear words that get a negative rise out of parents (and probably a time-out), the word "poop" makes even the most mature adult giggle. It's not a bad word, in fact, it's a normal word used all the time, but still, it's bound to at least get a chuckle out of a parent.

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However, Dr. Cohen says that laughter is also used as a way to cope with anxiety. He uses the game "peek-a-boo" as an example. Infants love peek-a-boo, and parents do too because it gets those adorable baby belly laughs. Those laughs, while irresistibly cute, are actually the baby's way of coping with the brief anxiety they felt from being "separated" from their parent.

Similarly, a child who has a lot of anxiety when it comes to the bathroom will try to find humor in the situation to cope. Dr. Cohen says that kids between three and six years old are particularly anxious/fearful about bathroom accidents since being potty trained, so laughter is a way to ease the anxiety.

Still, it's much more likely that your kiddo just thinks poop is funny and loves to make everyone laugh. It's not very often that poop isn't funny after all.

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