Kid Shows Rarely Have Any Parents Around, And We Know Why

If you've got a kid under the age of, say, 8, then you probably watch A LOT of kid shows on TV. When you've got little ones at home, it seems as though the TV is always on. And even if they're not paying much attention to it, you probably find yourself getting caught up in whatever adventure the Paw Patrol pups are on or shaking your head over the mischief Peppa and her friends are engaged in. You can admit it, we all do it! It's important that we are aware of what our kiddos are watching, and if it happens to be entertaining, then even better.

Chances are, you have a few of your own favorite characters, and some you would rather went far, far away. And chances are, you've wondered where all the adults are in some of these shows. Take Max and Ruby, for example. Now, if there were any two kids in the entire world who should not be left unsupervised, it's mischievous Max and his bossy big sister, Ruby. But there's literally never a parent around! What's the deal with that?! Turns out, it's all by design, and the reason for it actually makes a lot of sense.

Max & ruby
Credit: Nick Jr

According to the creators of Max and Ruby, adults are intentionally left out of most of the episodes because they believe that kids tend to solve their own conflicts and issues differently if left to their own devices. With no parents or grown ups around, kids are forced to use their own skills and find a way to resolve their own problems without adult intervention.

And anyone who's witnessed a parent come swooping in during a playground squabble knows just how valuable that skill it to develop! In addition to developing conflict resolution skills, not including an adult in these shows allows kids to be free to explore and and learn valuable lessons about risk and reward.

These shows pretty much all feature kids getting into some sort of trouble (but not the serious kind), and working together to figure out a way to get out of that trouble. Our kids need to be able to solve their own problems, and these shows model those behaviors for them. So we totally get why parents aren't around much in kid shows, and we actually think it's a good thing. Now, if someone could just explain why it's always the mom that dies in Disney movies, we're all ears.

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