Why Do Toddlers Love Peppa Pig So Much?

It's not easy to find a show for your kids that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out. Kids will watch pretty much anything, but when the same show is on repeat, you want it to be good, right? You also want it to be age-appropriate, entertaining, and have plenty of teachable moments. There are tons of shows out there for toddlers and young kiddos, but few that check of all these boxes. However, can we all agree that Peppa Pig is just such a show? We happen to love that little precocious pig and her family and friends. But no one, and we mean no one, loves Peppa like toddlers love Peppa. They love her so much, some kids even start to pick up her adorable British accent! There are plenty of reasons to be Team Peppa.

But what is it about that show that makes toddlers love it so much?

Producer Phil Davies and co-creator Mark Baker say that it really boils down to how the show portrays Peppa and her friends and family. When they started the show, they struggled to find kids' shows that told a complete story, with a beginning, middle, and end. Furthermore, the girl characters in other shows were either princesses or ballerinas, with little development. So they created Peppa, this feisty, interesting four-year-old who had a mind of her own and loved adventure. They told the stories from her perspective and in her voice, which made it easy for toddlers watching at home to relate to her.

The episodes are short (around five minutes) so toddlers can easily follow along and stay engaged for an entire episode. Plus, Peppa did things that toddlers love to do. She jumps in muddy puddles, she plays with her friends, she dresses up and plays make-believe and rides her bike and goes on trips with her family. Everything that Peppa and her family and friends do, toddlers can understand and relate to. Even the way Peppa sees the world is relatable to toddlers - when Mommy Pig tells her she shouldn't be scratching a rash, Peppa says she's scratching it in secret. That's toddler logic if we've ever heard it!

Peppa Pig is a character toddlers can relate to and see themselves in, and that's important when you're developing a children's show. We can't tell you the number of times we've watched an episode with our kids and noticed Peppa doing or saying something our own little ones do or say. It's such a cute show, and it's one show we don't mind watching on repeat.

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