10 Reasons Why A Home Birth Is A Great Option

Every birth experience is different. And while some individuals have birth plans that they want to stick to as best they can, sometimes the baby comes a bit sooner. Sometimes the parents don't even make it to the hospital as expected.

Regardless of when and how the child comes, there are many positive factors to why home births are a great option.

Whether it's a planned home birth or a surprised one, it's one of the safest and most comfortable options while delivering your child. Read ahead for 10 of the reasons why home births are an incredible choice when it comes to giving birth to your child.

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Being around the support you need while you give birth is imperative to having a safe and 'comfortable' delivery. Whether it's your medical professional or the friends and family you'd like to be there for you, having a home birth gives you this flexibility that many hospitals may not offer.

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Not only do you avoid having a stranger walk in mid leg raise, you will be assured that the people who are beside you during your delivery are the ones you want the most.


We use "comfort" in regards to more mental ease than physical, of course. Though every delivery is different, hospital births may not be the most comfortable setting considering you're unfamiliar with the birthing room until you're ready to deliver. Unless you have paid additional for a private room, you will be labouring beside another parent. This may not be the most ideal situation, especially for a woman experiencing such a vulnerable moment. So, when you decide to give birth from home, you are in the comfort of your own home in a room that you've chosen.


Whether it's the fridge for snacks or the washroom to use quickly during your labour, giving birth in your own home is quite comforting. Knowing you are close to any amenity that you need in the moment is very nice. Yes, hospitals have vending machines and washrooms connecting to move birth rooms, but they do not have your comfortable duvet you may want to curl up in or the bath to sit in if you choose. Home births allow for a flexible and open delivery. No matter where you want to labour or what you want to eat. And yes, eating and snacking during delivery is safe unless your medical professional says otherwise.


Water births are not always an option at most hospitals and/or birth centres. Considering only 1 in 30 mothers deliver on their due date, some rooms may not be available when the time comes. It's important to be flexible when considering your birth plan if you do choose to write one; however, you may be able to skip this potential stress if you have a home birth. Birthing pools can either be purchases or rented at a low cost.

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So, speak with your medical professional if you want this to be an option.


Now, we're not saying that it's easier in the sense the hospital staff you could have been around would clean up the bloody sheets or give you additional towels when needed, but we are considering how close you will be to your own, personal shower and bath. Often, your medical professional will recommend you do not clean off your baby for a few days. But, the first shower that you, the parent, will have post-delivery may be the best one you've ever felt. Knowing that you're in close proximity to your own product and your own space will make clean up a breeze.


Re-locating after you've given birth is an adventure all on its own. Whether you've already unpacked and packed back up your hospital bag and need help putting the car-seat into your vehicle, every little step can feel a bit over-whelming. When you've given birth at home, there is no need to re-locate unless it's to another room in the house. Not only will this be an incredible resting period to welcome your new, little one, but it's less physical and emotional stress on the new parent(s).


It's scientifically proven that will less stress you will be able to produce milk must quicker. Often, the baby will wiggle itself up to your breast. Whether you've decided to breastfeed or not (that's an incredibly personal choice and always remember: fed is best), you may be open to allow the new born to get as much colostrum as possible.

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Colostrum, also known as: magic, golden milk, can be incredibly nutritious to the new born. Giving birth as home may allow for your body and mind to relax to ensure your milk comes in easier.


Considering most hospitals have a limit on the amount of people you allow in the delivery room, having the option to give birth at home allows you to welcome as many guests as you please. You may change your mind when you're in the middle of delivering your child, but having that option is comforting all in itself. Whether you are not into the idea of having strange doctors and nurses around you at such a special time, or you just want to have all of your other children present, giving birth in your home allows you that freedom.


Sometimes it's nice to play calming music or watch a TV show to distract your mind away from the labour pain. But, when you're a hospital you may not have that option. You may be going through your labour alongside another individual. You may have a room close by another labouring mother. When you choose to deliver your child at home, you can play and watch what ever you'd like at any volume preferred.


When you have a home birth, you often bring along your hired Doula and/or Midwife. You also tend to have another supportive individual like a  parent or a partner. Regardless, you will always know who's good hands you're in. When you deliver with an OBGYN at the hospital, you may not even have your intended doctor beside you. They may be on call or off for the day. But, by giving birth at home, you are assured that you're in good, trusted hands.

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