Who Is Jojo Siwa, And Why Are Kids Obsessed?

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There's a good chance that you've never heard of Jojo Siwa. And even if you have, maybe you don't really understand just what exactly it is she does. Don't feel bad, most people over the age of 16 are right there with you. Not knowing anything about Jojo Siwa is definitely a sign that maybe we've turned into our parents a little bit. Because we just can't keep up with what's cool for teens and tweens anymore. But, if you, like us, are genuinely curious about her, well this is going to shed some light. So, just who is Jojo Siwa?

Basically, Jojo Siwa is an icon to the under 16 crowd. Not only is she a social media influencer, but she's also a performer. And if we're being honest, a style icon. Pretty much the total package for the current youngsters. A very bright, colorful, sparkly package.

Siwa, whose name is actually Joelle Joanie Siwa, got her start on the show Dance Moms. When she started on the show, she was only 11, and based on the clip below, had already built her brand of big bows, rhinestones, bright colors, and an overly expressive face. It is very easy to see why she became a fan favorite, which translated to her current icon status.

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After leaving the show (she was on for two seasons) she released her first single "Boomerang," which addresses bullying. From there, she has released eight more singles, seven children's books and several apparel lines. She's also going out on her first tour this year. D.R.E.A.M. The Tour, named after her song, kicks off in May and will visit 52 cities across the United States.

Above everything else, Jojo Siwa is likely best known for her vlogging (she has almost 9 million followers on YouTube) and her apparel/lifestyle lines. Her signature fashion staple is a high side ponytail, which is super slicked back in what is likely an homage to her dancer days. And her ponytail is always topped off with one of her signature giant bows. The bows, of which there are over 1,000, are available at multiple nationwide retailers, including Claires and Target. She also had a line of high top sneakers featuring the bows and her signature sparkle, at Payless Shoes.

In addition to the bows and shoes, she has a line of tee shirts (emblazoned with her face,) dolls, and a home apparel line with JC Penny. Everything is bedecked with sparkles, neon, rhinestones and all of the stuff young girls (and apparently gay men) find to be just wonderful.

Honestly, aside from the brightness and sparkle (which is truly irresistible) Jojo Siwa seems to promote a message of positivity and self empowerment. On her website, she refers to her fans as "strong and confident." Kids are definitely looking for a space like that, and someone close to their age who will validate them. So even though we adults may not fully understand the appeal, the kids get it.

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