EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Port Opens Up About 'Mom Guilt' And Letting Go Of Pressure

Whitney Port

It's not often that we get a firsthand glimpse into the lives of some of our favorite television stars. But the uptick in reality TV programming has done just that: not only do we watch reality shows for entertainment, but we get up close and personal with some of our favorite stars. The Hills premiered back in 2006, and for four years, we followed along with the stars as they navigated life as young professionals in Los Angeles. The show ended in 2010, and the stars all went their separate ways. But we've continued to follow along as they started businesses, got married, and had children.

Whitney Port was always one of our favorite cast members, for a lot of reasons! She's smart, talented, and didn't go out of her way to stir the pot. After leaving The Hills, Whitney went on to star in her own spin-off, The City, which chronicled her career in fashion with Diane Von Fürstenberg.

But life looks a bit different for Whitney now! She married her husband Tim Rosenman in 2015, and in 2017, the couple welcomed their first child together, Sonny. Having a child put Whitney on a slightly different career path, and in 2017, she joined pregnancy and postnatal nourishment company Bundle Organics as their Creative Brand Director.

In addition to working with Bundle Organics to develop nutritious juices, teas, and snacks for pregnant and nursing moms, Whitney shares her life as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur on her YouTube channel. We got to talk with Whitney about life with Sonny and Tim, how she balances being a working mom, and what the future has in store for Bundle Organics.

Being a working mom is no easy feat. We always feel like we're being pulled in a million different directions, trying to keep all our balls in the air, and not feeling like we're succeeding at any of it! But if you think you're alone in your working mom struggles, you couldn't be more wrong.

Whitney Port is in the thick of it, being a hands-on mom to 16-month-old Sonny and working on her various projects. On balancing motherhood and work, Whitney says, "It's really hard, and I really can't say that I've found the balance! I think that I just really try to roll with the punches and not beat myself up when I feel really imbalanced." At the moment, she's working from home with Sonny around, which presents such a unique challenge. She says, "He's having that separation anxiety, so if I'm just walking into the kitchen to get a snack, he immediately will cry out for me! And that's really hard."

Whitney talks about her struggle with mom guilt in one of our favorite installments of "I Love My Baby, But...", a series on motherhood and all its challenges on her YouTube channel.

Right now, Whitney says she's feels really empowered by the fact that she has a job and is trying to reach certain goals that she set for herself before she even became a mom.

But that mom guilt still sneaks in. "It's hard to really do that and not feel a little sense of guilt about it", she says. We can all relate to the mom guilt! Moms are superheroes, but we can't do it all on our own. Whitney is able to achieve a bit more balance by having a nanny, but she says, "Help can come in a lot of different forms", like a moms group, your partner, or family.

Says Whitney, "Having someone you can trust or a place that you can bring your baby to is super important for a working mom." But it isn't just about having help with your kids - taking time for yourself and allowing yourself the chance to recharge is crucial for all moms. "Those moments that you take for yourself", says Whitney, "really fuel you and refresh you for the moments when it is really, really challenging."

But as hard as it can be to find balance, it helps when you're as passionate about your work as Whitney Port is about Bundle Organics. During her pregnancy, Whitney quickly learned that she had to make some changes to her diet and fitness routine. Pregnant and postpartum moms have very special needs when it comes to nutrition, and Bundle Organics really strives to address those needs. She joined the team at Bundle Organics in 2017, and is working on the new product launch slated for later this year.

The company was started as a juice and tea company whose products were geared toward pregnant and nursing moms. But they're expanding their product line in some really key ways!

Whitney says, "We wanted to just get more products out there, more snacks, more nutrient boosting powders, more things that help with specific symptoms that pregnant and nursing women have." She worked closely with the team to help develop products with her cravings and symptoms in mind, that would still provide optimal nutrition and support for her body during pregnancy. They focused on three stages for the new products: Fertility, Pregnancy, and Nursing.

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Image: Bundle Organics

There are snack bites and bars, fizzy drink mixes, smoothie powders, and teas for every stage of reproduction, from preparing to conceive to breastfeeding. Each item is formulated to help some of the symptoms or issues women experience in each of those stages, like nausea in early pregnancy and milk supply fluctuations while nursing. Everything is organic, non-GMO, convenient, and most importantly, really delicious and good for you.

Bundle organics
Credit: Bundle Organics

The new line of products from Bundle Organics will be launching in Buy Buy Baby in November, and in Target in January 2019 with some really accessible price points! From $2.99 for a snack bar to $29.99 for a tub of fizzy drink mix, moms everywhere will be able to enjoy the benefits of the products that the Bundle Organics team worked so hard to bring to fruition. It goes without saying, but Whitney is incredibly excited about the next steps. She says, "We really just want to be a trusted support system for women who ... have certain symptoms or are unsure of what to be putting in their body at a really questionable time."

Being a mom is an amazing thing, and a wild journey. And being a working mom adds another layer of excitement (and stress!) to that ride. Whitney Port is showing us that you can be a mom, and still set and reach goals in your professional life. We can't wait to see where Whitney and Bundle Organics go from here.

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