These Thermostats Were Recalled Due To A Fire Hazard

thermostat recall

Recalls can be scary, especially if you happen to have or use an item that's being recalled! They can also be inconvenient, but we're sure glad that companies are on top of things and take action to keep us safe. We've seen a lot of food recalls this year, but the newest one is for an item in your home you might not think about much. But it's definitely something we use nearly everyday, especially as the temperature drops! Thermostat manufacturer White-Rodgers is issuing a recall of some Emerson-brand thermostats because of a fire hazard certain models might have. The thermostat recall affects the Emerson Sensei model.

White-Rodgers says that they've received reports of right Emerson Sensei thermostats being burned due to contact between household line voltage and the electrical wires in the thermostat unit. The fires caused minor property damage, but thankfully no injuries were reported.

The affected units were distributed throughout the United States and Canada, but are no longer being manufactured. The recall affects about 135,000 units of the discontinued model in the US, and about 15,000 in Canada. The units were sold at Home Depot, Johnstone, and Golden State FC stores nationwide. Additionally, some HVAC companies and distributors may have also used the unit (so even if you didn't knowingly purchase one, the company who installed or maintains your HVAC system may have installed one).

If you're not sure if you have one of the recalled units in your home, here's how to check. The affected units will have "Emerson" printed on the front, and will have a date code of 1416 to 1536 printed on the back. They have an LCD screen with three horizontal buttons just below the screen. The model numbers for the recalled units are 1F86U-42WF and UP500W. There will be a label with the specific model number and date code on the back on your thermostat, so you can check to see if yours is an affected model.

For a full replacement of affected units, you can go to the White-Rodgers website for more information, or call them directly at 888-847-8742. Make sure to check your thermostat if you have an Emerson model!

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