This Chart Helps You Figure Out Which Car Seat Is Best For Your Kid At Every Age

If you have ever been totally overwhelmed trying to figure out which car seat your kid needs when, we have a chart that will clear it all up for you. Seriously, this is one of the most helpful resources a parent can have.

Before having children, most people do not spend much time thinking about car seats. Many new parents are surprised that there are several different types of car seats and disappointed that they will have to purchase more than one!

Then there is the whole concept of rear-facing versus front-facing seats. To make things a little more confusing, height and weight limits vary depending upon the car seat's model and manufacturer. It is enough to make your head spin. Don't you wish you had an easy to understand resource to guide you in all this? Well, we have one for you.

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Consumer Reports has created a super simple chart to help confused moms and dads figure out which car seat they need and which direction is should face when. The chart clearly marks which seat is meant for which age group, and it indicates when a seat might be appropriate depending upon its specific height and weight limits.

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Back when we were kids, car seats were not so complicated. They were used for babies and young toddlers, and then we moved on to seat belts. That was it! Today, things are much different. A child might use a booster car seat until the age of twelve. New parents do not often realize this, nor do they plan for it, financially or logistically.

Car seats may be much more complicated these days, but it is for a good reason. We now know much more about safety. Seats are rear-facing for longer because it protects our little one's skeletal systems in the event of a crash. And older children use boosters so that they are positioned correctly within their seat belts.

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