When Is A Kid Too Old To Trick Or Treat?

Halloween is just around the corner which means that children are excitedly planning on what costume they're going to wear as they trick or treat around the neighborhood and parents are wondering how they're going to craft together a Paw Patrol or Descendants costume without breaking the bank! Halloween is that one time of year that everyone should be able to enjoy, but some people feel there should be an age limit on the fun.

How Old Is 'Too Old' To Trick-Or-Treat?

Every year people debate about "how old is too old" to trick or treat. There's no actual age limit on trick or treating unless you live in New Brunswick where they banned kids over the age of 16 from going door to door in search of some yummy candy, but it still seems to be a hot topic this time of year. According to TIME, experts say that most kids stop trick or treating anytime between the ages of 13 and 16, but it's often less about age and more about maturity and respect.

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“The big concerns I have are that younger kids get priority,” Lizzie Post, co-president at the Emily Post Institute told TIME. “You want to make sure younger kids are getting the chance and the opportunity, but I don’t want to discourage teens from enjoying this as long they’re behaving well.”

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It's More About Who's Dressed Up Vs How Old The Trick-Or-Treater Is

Most people don't seem to mind what the age of the trick or treater is as long as they're in costume and act politely. Many shared their thoughts on the age limit when TODAY posted a poll on Twitter.

"Don't set age limits-- require costumes," wrote one commenter. "Every kid is different. Some 16 yo are very young. Some stop trick or treating at 10. As long as they aren't acting like punks let it be!" wrote another. "Please, just let kids be kids as long as they can! Some kids think they're too cool for it. I'm glad my 13 yr old still acts like a kid."

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Older Kids Should Be Able To Trick Or Treat, Too

Others pointed out that there are many children with developmental disabilities who are eager to participate in Halloween regardless of their age. "Many kids look older than they are. What about special needs kids who are 17 with a mind of a 13 y/o? Turn light off/ don't participate," commented one of Today's followers. "My daughter has CHARGE Syndrome and is about at a 6 or 7-year-old mind set, she is 10 now. I'm not going to deny her trick or treating EVER!" wrote another.

Education psychologist and parenting writer Michele Borba told TIME that if teens want to trick or treat parents should ensure they are doing so safely and with proper consideration given to younger kids. “For kids who still want to trick-or-treat, how about going with younger siblings? Big kids helping little kids — that could be a very positive experience,” Borba says. Or if not, maybe simply smiling and handing over a piece of candy to an older child who is trick or treating and not out creating havoc in the neighborhood on one night a year is something we really shouldn't be worrying about too much.

Do you think there should be an age limit on trick or treating?

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