What You Wear On A Flight Can Help Save Your Life

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There are fewer things more terrifying than the thought of being in a plane crash. The odds of actually being involved in one are very, very slim (one in eleven million or so), and compared to automobile travel, it's statistically safer to travel by plane. But, if you are involved in a plane crash, the odds of being seriously injured or dying are much higher. That's probably why people are so scared of flying - you don't hear a lot of plane crash survival stories! However, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting off a plane in distress safely, should you ever be faced with such an ordeal. In fact, what you wear on a flight matters a great deal when it comes to safely exiting and moving away from a dangerous situation.

One of the most important things you can do when flying is wear sensible shoes. We think of flying as lounging in the sky, and in a lot of ways, it is like that! But while it may be comfortable to fly in flimsy sandals or even slippers, in the event of a crash or calamity, your shoe choice can make all the difference. If something happens to the plane during takeoff or landing, and you're able to exit the plane, you will need to really hustle away from it! So comfortable but sensible is the way to go. Also, keep your shoes on during the flight. Again, it might be more comfortable to remove them, but in an emergency, everything is frenzied and panicked, and you don't want to have to stop to find your shoes.

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Plane cabins are usually pretty cold, so it's not unusual to fly in pants or with a sweater to wear on the flight. This is a good idea, even if you're not sensitive to the cooler cabin temps. Keeping your arms and legs covered protects them from burns, scrapes, and abrasions. Now, unless you're wearing a Kevlar suit, they're not going to make you invincible. But even that thin added layer can help save your life.

In addition to paying close attention to what you wear during a flight, there are a couple other extra steps you can take to make sure you're prepared in the event of an emergency. For one, don't get drunk on the plane. To be honest, drunk plane passengers aren't a whole lot of fun to deal with on a perfectly normal flight. But if you're inebriated, and something goes wrong, you become a danger to yourself and others who will have to help you. Also, always memorize where the exits are on the plane, especially in relation to where your seat is. Map out your best route to the closest exit in your head, because those few seconds can make all the difference.

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