What TLC Fans Should Know About "OutDaughtered" (20 Details)

Of all the reality television series that show what it's like to be a parent, TLC's Outdaughtered is definitely one of the most fascinating. After all, it's not every day that people come across a family that has six daughters.

Ever since the show premiered in 2016, people have been following along with Danielle and Adam Busby and their girls. When a family has all daughters, people often joke that the dad is the only male in the house and they ask him what that experience is like. It's easy to imagine that Adam hears that on a regular basis. But it's hard to imagine what it would really be like to have six kids, which is why this is such an important and interesting show.

Here are 20 things that TLC fans should know about Outdaughtered.

20 Danielle Had Trouble Getting Pregnant

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Country Living says that Danielle and Adam had some trouble getting pregnant, which is definitely something that fans should know about the couple who stars on Outdaughtered. The publication quoted Danielle's blog post where she said, "Adam and I both adore kids and we never ever imagined WE would have issues."

Since Danielle has six children now, people might be surprised to hear that she had a tough time at first. At the advice of her doctor, she went through intrauterine insemination (IUI). It's too bad that she went through this, but it's good that she has shared it so others can be inspired by her journey (and be comforted if they have gone through something similar).

19 Danielle And Adam Met At Target

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Fans who have tuned into Outdaughtered are probably wondering how the couple first met each other. It's always cool to learn how people fell in love and what led to them getting married and beginning their family. And since this couple has such a big family, we really want to know where they laid eyes on each other for the first time.

According to Romper, Danielle and Adam met at Target. He said "Hey beautiful" to her and then when they were supposed to go on their first date, he actually cancelled and went to see friends instead. They went out another time: Romper says, "On their first real date, he took her on a family outing for his sister’s birthday dinner."

18 The Couple Had A Baby... Then Many Babies


Country Living says that Danielle and Adam had their first child, Blayke Louise, before learning that they were pregnant with quintuplets. They have such an amazing story and this is definitely not something that we hear every day... or have ever heard before.

The couple's oldest daughter Blayke Louise is now seven years old and the quintuplets are three years old. They are named Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, Riley Paige, and Ava Lane. Talk about being blessed with six sweet little ones. It's great that we get to follow along with the Busby family thanks to their TLC show, and we always want to see what is new with them and watch their beautiful family grow.

17 Danielle Didn't Have Pregnancy Cravings


People always want to know what pregnant women are craving. Every mom knows that sometimes you really do have strange ideas of what foods will taste good together, like the infamous pickles and ice cream that many women crave.

Did Danielle have any cravings? We might assume that she did since she was pregnant with five babies, but it turns out that, according to Fit Pregnancy, Danielle didn't have any pregnancy cravings. She has been quoted as saying, "I had not one craving ever because I worked with a dietitian and I was able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted to just fill up that allowance — especially ice cream shakes!"

16 They Found It Funny That They Were Having Quintuplets


Are you thinking that if you learned that you were pregnant with quintuplets, you would feel pretty surprised?

That's a common thought to have. How did Danielle and Adam react when they learned that they were having five baby girls... at all the same time?

According to People, they had a funny reaction: Danielle said, “When we found out that we were having quintuplets … I mean, Adam just about passed out. I just started laughing hysterically. I was like, ‘We’re just these normal people, how on earth is this happening to us?’" We can totally relate and would have felt the exact same way.

15 The Couple Got Some Financial Help


We're probably thinking that having six kids is very expensive since every parent knows that you have to be careful with your budget and figure out your money situation when you want to start a family.

According to Fame 10, the Busby family had a Go Fund Me page "to help cover some of the medical costs and expenses." That totally makes sense and is something that fans will be interested to know about.

What were some of the expenses? The couple needed a van, and the quintuplets were in the NICU for thirty days. Danielle was also on bed rest. And if we're thinking that the family needed a lot of diapers, they needed 1,500 diapers every month.

14 Danielle's Husband Adam Had Postpartum Probs

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According to The List, Adam had PPD: he told People magazine, "Showcasing how human we really are has really struck a chord with people, and I think in a strange way, we're helping others realize they don't have to have it all figured out either."

It's always good when a public figure will talk about the experiences that they have had, especially when they go through something that proves that having kids isn't always the easiest thing. It's especially inspiring that Adam has spoken out about his postpartum experience since men do get PPD but it's not talked about as much as when women have it.

13 They're Used To Filming The TV Show


How does the Busby family feel about filming a reality series? It's hard for us to imagine that this would feel normal, but it turns out that they have gotten used to it.

USA Today quoted Danielle as saying, "We’ve always had a schedule so we don’t film 24/7. It’s definitely different when you go places and have a film crew around, but when we’re at home ... we haven’t really known anything different. There’s constantly people around, regardless of if it’s film crew or family or friends. So we know that our house is just always full of people. It’s just the norm now!"

12 They're Making Good Money

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If people wonder what it's like to have cameras follow your family, people also want to know what people make for starring on reality television.

Cheatsheet.com says, "Given that Outdaughtered is more popular than other TLC reality shows like Breaking Amish, the Inquisitr speculates the Busby’s earn about $25,000 per episode."

It sounds like Danielle and Adam are making good money for the show since there are several episodes per season and it seems like that would add up. Since we all know that it costs money to raise a family, we bet that this money is helpful, especially since this couple has six kids.

11 All The Quintuplets Had Heart Murmurs


When it comes to what fans should know about the quintuplets, Fame 10 mentions something that is very important: "Shortly after birth, it was discovered that all of the quintuplets have heart murmurs, which they treat with medication."

This is sad to hear, and no parent should have to go through such a difficult situation. It's definitely something that parents hope that they never have to go through. This is another reason to admire Danielle and Adam Busby and be grateful that they are sharing the story of their incredible family with the world. We really like how honest they are.

10 Having Three-Year-Olds Has Been The Toughest


Many moms think that having a newborn is the toughest since that means a lack of sleep and getting used to parenting, but many moms also agree that toddlers can be tricky.

For Danielle and Adam, having three-year-olds has been the toughest.

Danielle told USA Today, “We didn’t think it’d get much harder or much worse after the 2’s, but 3's have definitely been a lot more trying. They’re so opinionated, and they’re little individuals (with) their own personalities and interests and likes and dislikes. Tantrums happen here and there because they can express what they want but it doesn’t mean they always get what they want.”

9 Nanny Or No Nanny?

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Do Danielle and Adam have a nanny? It's a question that many fans have wondered about, but it's not actually something that people have a definitive answer for.

Some fans think that the family has a nanny, but no one knows for sure. We can imagine that it would be very busy taking care of six children and that having a nanny would make life a little bit easier. There should be no hard feelings about that since moms are doing the best that they can and doing everything from cooking to cleaning to making sure that everyone is doing well would be pretty exhausting.

8 It Was Hard To Sleep With So Many Babies

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Moms knows that getting enough sleep is tricky when you have a baby. What about when you have five babies at once?

Fame 10 says that Danielle told People that it was hard to sleep with so many babies. She said, “I mean, just keeping up with the feedings every three hours – I remember so many times where I would be laying in bed feeding a baby in the middle of the night and I would be woken up by the sound of a bottle hitting the floor because I just completely fell asleep and dropped the baby’s bottle. You’re just running on empty, on no sleep, all the time. It’s just crazy."

7 They Plan Date Nights


If we think that it's tough to have regular date nights with our spouse and we don't have six children, we can imagine that it would be tough for Danielle and Adam.

They plan their date nights, which is a really good idea. Romper quoted Danielle as saying, "Most Fridays or Saturdays, one of them is date night for us and one of them is family night. We found that we need to be out of the house to catch up and not get distracted. We enjoy each other and love each other and want to hang out together, it’s just that we have to plan it." This is good advice that all parents should remember.

6 A Four-Minute Birth


We're most likely wondering how long Danielle was in labor when she had her quintuplets and it seems like it might take a long time.

Your Tango says that it took four minutes for Danielle to have her babies: "The C-section birth took just four minutes for the delivery, and Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Page were brought into this world."

It's interesting to note that Danielle delivered the babies via C-section. According to Parents.com, this is a common experience: "The majority of triplets and quads, however, are delivered by c-section. Monitoring more than two babies during labor can be logistically difficult."

5 Two Of The Babies Are Identical Twins


We might not know a ton about quintuplets, which makes sense since it's not something that we hear about on a regular basis. It turns out that two of the Busby babies are identical twins, which is interesting to hear.

According to Earn The Necklace, Olivia and Ava are identical twins. Danielle wrote on social media that she can figure out who is who this way: "To me this is a great pic to explain the difference between these two #IdenticalTwins…Olivia Marie-square shape head, Ava Lane-rectangle shape head. [sic]” The next time that we tune into Outdaughtered, we're definitely going to remember this.

4 They Donated To Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

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Parents always want to show their children that being compassionate is important. Cheatsheet.com reported that Danielle and Adam gave $75,000 worth of toys to people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This is so nice to hear, especially since it's easy to assume that celebrities only spend money on fancy things or themselves. We love hearing that the Busby family is so kind and that they care about helping others, especially others in need. The fact that they gave such a generous toy donation to those affected by a hurricane makes us want to watch this show even more since we want to support such a sweet family.

3 They're Living In A New House Temporarily


Fans should also know that the Busby family is living in a new house temporarily. This is something that people have been talking about for a little while now.

According to Inqusitr.com, "This house situation has seemed rather mysterious to Outdaughtered fans. People noticed that their house looked different in recent social media posts, and Adam confirmed that they had moved into a temporary new home." It seems like they needed to make some repairs so that is why they moved somewhere else. Moving is always stressful so our hearts go out to this family. We're interested in seeing where they end up.

2 Every Child Is Special


In an interview with USA Today, Adam said that fans would see in the third season that he and Danielle were trying to make each of their kids feel "special."

He said, "You’ll definitely see that this season. That's something that really, we’re still trying to figure out and try new things. And I think that’s something we’re always going to struggle with, but I think it’s good that we know that and it’s good that it’s on our minds, and it’s something we deeply care about."

Moms can relate to this since making your children feel special and feel your love is one of the most important things that you can do.

1 Season 5 Is Coming


If we love tuning into Outdaughtered, then we're in luck because season five is coming.

There is no better news than when a favorite TV show is returning, and this is even happier news since the Busby family is telling such a special and important story.

Even though we might not have six daughters, any mom can relate to the show since it's all about doing your best to raise good kids and to deal with whatever parenting throws your way. That's a lesson that we always appreciate. Cheers to season five. We can't wait to see what this sweet family up to next.

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