What Kids Are Really Watching On YouTube

YouTube is sort of a blessing and a curse, isn't it? The sheer volume of content can be overwhelming, and lots of bad stuff is lurking in the Watch Next and Because You Watched tabs. Our kids really love YouTube, and as long as we stay on top of what they're watching, it's fine for the most part. YouTube Kids has also done a better job of weeding out the inappropriate content, like the Peppa Pig videos where Daddy Pig wields a knife or uses some very not-Peppa friendly language. But what are kids really watching on YouTube, anyway? If you've got a kiddo who loves the video streaming platform, chances are you're pretty familiar with some of these channels.

Unboxing videos!

For some reason, kids REALLY love videos of other kids opening and playing with toys. Never mind that they probably have some of the toys that are being unboxed right there in their house! Nope, they'd rather watch some other kid open it and play with it. Very harmless, very annoying.


From Minecraft to Fortnite, this channel is hosted by a guy named Pat, whose knowledge about all things MMO games and friendly demeanor make his videos a huge draw.

Ryan's Toy Review

Again, kids they don't know playing with toys they may or may not own is pretty much every kid's idea of a good time on YouTube. Ryan is cute and great on camera, so it's not wonder his videos get upwards of 10 million views EACH.

Slime videos!

How else do you think they're finding all these recipes they want to then try at home?! Slime videos are where it's at, and for some kids, the sounds and visuals of watching someone make or play with slime is incredibly relaxing (see also: ASMR videos).

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This channel is hosted by an affable British cartoon cat, uploads a variety of video game videos, and has mover nine million subscribers. We don't get it either!

Surprise egg videos!

One of the most popular surprise egg channels is FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review. Maybe it's the suspense of seeing what's inside, maybe it's jealousy that kids in this country can't get Kinder Eggs. Anyway you slice it, kids go nuts for these chocolate egg reveals.

Do your kids watch any of these channels or videos? Or do they have another favorite?

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