What Blac Chyna Has Actually Been Up To Since Hiding From The Spotlight (20 Pics)

Blac Chyna is a lightning rod for controversy. Since she became involved with Rob Kardashian, her fame has grown tenfold, which has also caused the public to take on an interest in her and what she's up to. Although she has ducked the spotlight for a while, she has continued to run her business, parent her two children and has even gotten back in the dating game.

While she hasn't been courting media attention as much as she used to, the paparazzi are always there to make sure that pictures of her surface online. Plus, she does attend big events occasionally, some of which put her up close and personal with her famous exes.

Blac Chyna, who turned 30 this year, is always turning opportunities into cold, hard cash.

She has her own line of false eyelashes, a beauty bar in California, and a website that sells accessories and clothes. This is definitely miles apart from her former lifestyle when she used to be a dancer! Juggling college and her nighttime job proved to be too difficult though and she made the decision to drop out and focus on showbiz, rendering the rest history.

Now, it's time to check in on Blac Chyna. She has moved past life with Rob Kardashian...or has she?

20 She Broke Up With A Much-Younger Boyfriend


Just like Kourtney Kardashian, Blac Chyna decided to date someone younger for a while after her long-term relationship with a man closer to her own age. We're, of course, referring to none other than 31-year-old Rob Kardashian.

According to People, she chose YBN Almighty Jay. He reportedly dated Blac Chyna, for just three months before the couple called it quits. He was 18 when he posted about the split on Instagram.

YBN Almighty Jay became well-known last year when he released the single, "Chopsticks" on his YouTube channel. The scored four million views within four weeks of releasing the single.

19 She Put Babydaddy Rob Kardashian on Blast


In June, Blac Chyna decided to let the world know on her Instagram Stories that her two baby daddies were falling short on their parental responsibilities by failing to pay child support. She put both Rob Kardashian and Tuga on blast for being deadbeat dads.

As TMZ points out, there was something significant about the date she posted the blast on as it was Father's Day. Other reports dispute Blac Chyna's claim that Rob doesn't pay his share. He supposedly coughs up twenty grand per month, which is a big chunk of change.

18 She Reunited With Babydaddy Tyga At A Birthday Party


In August of 2018, Blac Chyna ended up at the same party as her ex and baby daddy, Tyga. The party was a birthday bash for the boss of KAM Artist Management, according to Pagesix. Based on reports, Blac Chyna and Tyga managed to party separately at the same get-together, without stirring up a ton of drama.

Other famous guests at this party included Amber Rose, Bella Thorne, Machine Gun Kelly, Evan Ross, and Ashlee Simpson.

Tyga was once engaged to Blac Chyna, but their relationship ended when people began talking about the fact that Tyga was seeing Kylie Jenner. They share a son named King Cairo.

17 She Said The Kardashians Are Hindering Her Career


At the end of June of this year, Blac Chyna let the public know that she was angry at the Kardashians. According to Radaronline, she thinks that the famous and influential family hindered her career, just because her relationship with Rob Kardashian didn't work out.

Apparently, Blac Chyna had a shot at being as Lifetime's "face", but blames the family for her inability to take advantage of the lucrative opportunity. She pitched the reality TV show Rob & Chyna to Lifetime and the network wanted it, but it ended up at the E! Network. Blac Chyna says the Kardashians eventually got it canceled out of spite.

16 She Offered BFF-Style Support To Amber Rose

Via: Irish Mirror

Did you know that Blac Chyna is extremely close friends with Amber Rose? They are straight-up BFFs and their friendship keeps going, no matter what happens in their drama-filled lives.

This year, Blac Chyna proved her loyalty to Amber Rose by showing up at Amber's app launch party, according to Just Jared. The pair celebrated Amber's new app at the West Hollywood's Peppermint Nightclub. Blac Chyna and Amber Rose held hands before the party as they strolled along, preparing for all of the excitement.

Blac Chyna had to work at another event later that night, but she still made time for Amber.

15 Her Ex, Pilot Jones, Sued Another Ex, Rob Kardashian


Theblast reported that Blac Chyna's ex, Pilot Jones, was in court with Rob Kardashian in late August 2018 because Rob wanted to stop a lawsuit that Pilot had brought against him. The lawsuit was for defamation and cyber-bullying. Rob K. claimed that he wasn't formally served with this lawsuit and that the case should be thrown out for that reason.

However, Jones' refuted Rob's claims by letting the court know that someone with the authority to accept papers at Rob's typical business address/mailing address was served. There's a crazy amount of drama around Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Will things ever settle down for good?

14 She Said Dream Looks More Like Her than Rob


It's no wonder that things aren't too rosy between Blac Chyna and Rob, given all the explicit stuff about her to his social media, which also prompted him to get served with a restraining order.

Blac Chyna claimed this summer that her baby, Dream, whose Dad is Rob K., looks more like her than his Dad, although plenty of people perceive Dream to be a mini-me of her father. According to TMZ, the little girl, who doesn't deserve any of this drama, is really a combination of both parents, looks-wise.

Do you think that Dream is Blac Chyna's spitting image, or more like Rob?

13 She Denied Pregnancy Rumors


Most celeb females do get hit with pregnancy rumors now and then, whether they are true or false and Blac Chyna is no exception. According to the Mirror.co.uk, she let the rumors run rampant until a source that is close to her let the press know that Blac Chyna wasn't expecting a third baby. Blac Chyna was dating a teenager when the rumors erupted online.

While she is reportedly interested in having more children, she's not pregnant right now. She met her ex-boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay when he was 18. Even more surprising is the fact that they met on a dating website with a Christian focus.

12 She Went for More Modest Clothing... Sometimes


Blac Chyna has been known for her racy attire in the past. As a former adult dancer, she is comfortable showing off her body, to say the least. However, during the past several months, she's been photographed in modest clothes now and then.

She's changing it up, which might be due to the fact that she turned 30 and wants a more age-appropriate look. Of course, she still goes full glam in revealing outfits sometimes. It's just not as common as it used to be. According to Dailymail.co.uk, she wore a modest ensemble during a flight that landed at LAX, leaving plenty to the imagination with her camo parka.

11 Rob Accused Her of Interfering with Father’s Day


We talked earlier about how Blac Chyna criticized Rob Kardashian and Tyga on Father's Day 2018 by calling them out for not paying child support. Despite her claim, Rob has denied it all, saying he does indeed pay his child support.

Did Blac Chyna cook up the "deadbeat dad" angle just to sabotage Rob's Father's Day? He thinks so, according to an insider source who spoke with TMZ. Rob apparently does feel that he pays too much child support as he's not earning money at the moment. Rob seems very taken with his daughter and doesn't miss visits with her, based on comments from the same source, so it's unlikely he would deprive his daughter of cash.

10 Her Own Mother Criticized Her


Blac Chyna has some mommy issues. Her mother has said some unsavory things about her daughter in the press, which are the types of things you'd never expect a mother to say in private, much less in public.

At the end of July of this year, according to Us Magazine, her mother accused her daughter of disrespecting her in a video she posted online. The accusations didn't stop there though as she unleashed a torrent of criticism.

As it turns out, Toni's anger may have been fueled by her trouble seeing her grandchildren. Every story has two sides, so it's hard to say what is really going on between Blac Chyna and her mother.

9 Her Assistant Passed Away, and Blac Chyna Might get sued


No matter what she does, Blac Chyna's misfortunes seem to follow! After her former assistant, Lorena Hernandez tragically passed away due to a brain hemorrhage, she got served with a lawsuit, detailing some surprising claims.

In May 2018, Your Tango reported that Lorena's husband was getting ready to file a lawsuit, hinging on the way she used to mistreat his wife. This happened after Lorena's life support was turned off by her family.

Hernandez's husband also claims that Blac Chyna made a pledge to help the family after the brain hemorrhage occurred, but didn't really do anything.

8 She Took Some Fashion Chances


Sure, Blac Chyna tones it down sometimes, but there were other times when she went wild with fashion. For example, according to Celebzz, she donned a curve-hugging pair of leggings and matching crop top, which featured a very bold "racing check" pattern.

This is just one example Blac Chyna taking chances with fashion. She seems to wear the wilder stuff with a lot of confidence. Maybe it ultimately suits her better than the tamer stuff. Plus, the paparazzi love wild outfits as they stand out in pictures. People like Blac Chyna do want attention, even when they are living a bit more low-profile than they did in the past.

7 She Continued Running Her Businesses


Blac Chyna is a celebrity, which makes it easier to rack up cash. She's an entrepreneur and she continued to run her businesses, even when she wasn't in the spotlight as much. Both her Lashed Beauty Bar and her website, which sells clothes and accessories are great examples of her entrepreneurial spirit.

She has different streams of income and her baby daddies likely contribute, at least sometimes, by offering her generous child support payments. She has two kids and she's working to pay the bills, just like everyone else. According to Hellogiggles, Blac Chyna currently has a net worth of four million bucks.

6 She Wore A Revealing Outfit To The VMAs


Blac Chyna was pretty in pink at the 2018 VMA awards, according to People. Her outfit wasn't modest, but the color suited her perfectly. She went for a racy chain mail dress (I use the term loosely) in a rosy hue and it set off her platinum hair and caramel complexion to perfection.

The softer color was a nice change for her. However, the chain mail dress allowed everyone to see her white underthings underneath. Of course, this wasn't a wardrobe malfunction as she knew everyone would see them. To top the look off, she donned stiletto heels covered in crystals.

5 She’s Fighting The Kardashians And Winning

Via: The Hollywood Gossip

You may be getting the sense by now that Blac Chyna is not a weak woman. She is strong and manages to survive, no matter what life throws at her. For example, during her time out of the spotlight, she began going at it with the Kardashians...and winning.

Since there's so much drama in her life, she's probably creating some of it herself, but in the case of her war with the Kardashians, they may be pitching in, too. According to Celebuzz, Blac Chyna earned an important victory in the courtroom, when a portion of Rob Kardashian's lawsuit against her was thrown out.

4 She Works Out A Lot

Via: Page Six

Exercise is great for the mind, body, and spirit, and Blac Chyna has been working out a lot as she ducks the spotlight. She's been photographed hiking, according to Pagesix. When she visits Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles, she doesn't throw on shorts and a t-shirt, or even Lululemon.

Instead, she gets dolled up for exercise by donning a white swimsuit. She wears the white bathing suit with high-heeled silver boots covered in crystals. It's possible that this outfit was for a photo shoot. During another hiking outing, she wore a skintight black catsuit and a big, glam hair bow. She did wear sneakers that time though.

3 Tyga Does Not Want a Romantic Relationship With Her


Reunited and it feels so good? Not so much, according to Blac Chyna's ex, Tyga. As reported by Hollywood Unlocked, he did see Blac Chyna at a party recently but didn't know she's be there and didn't speak with her while he was there.

Blac Chyna and Tyga kept their distance from one another the whole time. Tyga told a source that he's happy with the way his relationship with Blac Chyna is now. He prefers that things be non-romantic between them as they co-parent King Cairo.

Apparently, their relationship is fairly amicable right now, even though Blac Chyna accused him of not paying child support this past Father's Day.

2 Her Posterior Became Much More Petite


A lot of celebs have made the choice to get derrière enhancements. Few actually confess to doing it. If Blac Chyna did have these, a lot of people think that she's had them removed, according to Hollywoodlife as fans appear to be noticing a big deflation in her posterior.

People are wondering why her bottom seems to be shrinking. Sure, it could be weight loss. She's been working out and looks trim, but curvy. She might have lost some junk in the trunk. It happens.

1 Rob Wooed Her Again


According to Thehollywoodgossip, Rob Kardashian was trying to get back with Blac Chyna in May of this year, before she took a jab at him on Father's Day. Rob had been slimming down and some people think that he was changing his body to make himself more attractive for his ex and baby mama.

Maybe Rob would like to have a traditional family, where he gets to live with his child full-time. Maybe he really loves Blac Chyna. Judging by her unsavory Instagram post on Father's Day, she's not into it all.

Kris is reportedly strongly opposed to Rob getting back with Blac Chyna as well and we know all too well that the Momager usually gets what she wants.

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