What Are The Best Sleeping Positions While Pregnant?

If you've ever been pregnant, then you know firsthand just how difficult it can be to find a comfortable sleeping position! The first trimester isn't so bad - it's when that belly starts to grow that things get a little harder. But aside from the issue of being comfortable, there are other things to consider when you finally plop down on your bed at night to rest your weary bones. Comfort is important, for sure. But so is keeping yourself and your growing baby healthy! So what are the best sleeping positions while pregnant? We've got some answers and advice for getting the best (and safest) night's sleep.

What Are The Different Sleep Positions?

Pregnant women in their first trimester have no limitations when it comes to the best sleeping positions while pregnant. You can sleep on your back, your side, even your stomach if that's how you're comfortable. However, as the baby grows and your uterus gets heavier, it'll be time to switch up the way you sleep.

Once you've reached your second trimester, you'll likely start to feel more comfortable sleeping on your side, either the right or left. This position keeps the weight of your growing belly off your back, and is especially beneficial if you suffer from heartburn or swelling in your ankles and feet. The side position also allows for the most optimal flow of blood to your uterus.

Also in the second and third trimesters, try to avoid sleeping on your back whenever possible. When you sleep on your back, the entire weight of your uterus and abdomen rests on your back, your intestines, and your vena cava. While sleeping on your back may feel comfortable, it can actually aggravate back pain (common in pregnancy), interfere with digestion, and it isn't ideal for circulation or blood flow to the baby. While sleeping on your back for short periods of time every once in a while isn't considered unsafe, it's not the best sleeping position while pregnant.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position While Pregnant?

Once you've reached the second trimester, the safest sleeping position while pregnant is on your left side. This position allows for the most ideal flow of blood and nutrients to your placenta since it puts less pressure on your vena cava vein. It also helps optimize your kidney function, which means better waste elimination and reduced swelling in your legs and feet.

You can also sleep on your right side, if you're more comfortable that way. But sleeping on the left side is the most ideal.

Tips On Getting Comfortable While Sleeping

Wedge-shaped pillows or special full-body pregnancy pillows can help you get in the best position and stay there throughout the night. You can also try placing a pillow between your legs and placing another one behind your back - you can never have too many pillows when you're trying to get comfortable! It may take you a few nights to get comfortable in this new position, but your body will adjust and you'll be sleeping soundly in no time.

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