Mom Fights Back After DMV Tries To Take Away Her Parenting License Plate

There are a few universal parenting truths that we all know and take as gospel. One, your kid will immediately hate a food you bought in bulk after they told you they loved it. Two, they will stop sleeping through the night THE MINUTE you celebrate them sleeping through the night. And three, as soon as your kids are buckled into their car seats and seat belts and you've pulled out of the driveway and are driving away from your home, one of them will have to pee. It's just the way it goes! No one ever has to pee more than a kid who is traveling in car after having just left a place with a functioning toilet. PEE BEFORE WE GO is pretty much our parenting mantra at this point, that's how often we find ourselves yelling it out as we're scrambling to herd everyone out of the house. So when we saw that a mom in New Hampshire had the clever idea of using the phrase on her vanity license plate, we felt seen and heard and wanted to be BFF's with her immediately. But now that mom finds herself locked in a battle with the DMV, after they deemed the plate offensive and inappropriate. This is just bonkers.

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Wendy Auger of Rochester, New Hampshire chose the cheeky plate above 15 years ago, when she purchased vanity plates for her car. PB4WEGO is hilarious, and we guarantee there's not a single parent in all of New Hampshire who read that at some point and laughed. She's had the plate for FIFTEEN YEARS, so imagine her surprise when she got a letter in the mail in early August, telling her she could no longer use the plates because they included sexual or excretory words, according to Auger. We're not sure what, exactly, is offensive about the plate - it's pee! Everyone pees!

Auger isn't going to take this laying down, though. She's written a letter to the supervisor of the Bureau of Registration at the DMV, asking for permission to keep her plate. She was told her request was sent to the legal department, and then she never heard back. Apparently, Auger was one of 92 residents who got the same letter about their plates. But maybe she was the only one who fought back, and it actually ended up paying off for her!

Governor Sununu messaged me earlier today. In his message, which has been confirmed through various media outlets......

Posted by Wendy Lee Auger on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A few weeks ago, she got word from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. Calling the recall a "bureaucratic hold up", he told Auger that the issue had been resolved, and she was free to keep her pee plates. Finally, some good news! We have to think that all the media attention explains why the "bureaucratic hold up" was suddenly fixed, but as long as PEB4WEGO rides on, we're fine with it.

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