10 Weird Early 1900's Parenting Tips

Parenting styles are constantly changing due to more child studies coming out. What was okay and highly practiced ten years ago are things that parents would never do today, so you can only imagine all of the crazy things that parents used to do in the early 1900s.

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Even though the 1900s are not that far away in the grand scheme of history times have definitely changed. Child laws were very relaxed back then and even doctors did not know the full exhaust for what was good for them. So keep reading to discover ten weird parenting tips from the early 1900s.

10 Spanking Your Child Will Make Them Stop Crying

Sometimes kids are emotional all the time. They are known for sharing their emotions and crying when they are upset or don’t get their way. TheWeek.com parents were told to spank their child so they know that is was unacceptable.

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This seems very counterproductive when it comes to actually get your child to stop crying since spanking would just result in more crying. So make sure to leave this parenting advice in the past because we all know spanking is not a good way to discipline your children.

9 Holding Your Baby Is A No No

Did you know that back in the early 1900s that parents thought that cuddling, kissing, or even holding your child was considered bad? RedBookMag.com states that parents thought that if you were to hold onto your baby you are spoiling them and they shouldn't be touched by you.

Having a spoiled child is the last thing you wanted when you were in the early 1900s. We are glad that this one changed because holding out little ones is the greatest way for us to bond with them.

8 All Day Outside

People always say that you need to spend some time each day outside. HuffingtonPoast.co.uk mentions that parents used to believe that it was best to keep your little one outside all day to give them fresh air.

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This means from once the sun comes up to when the sun seat your child is outside for naps, feedings, and playtime. Though it is true, you want to make sure your kids get fresh air, but you shouldn’t have your baby outside all day due to the harsh sun and bugs.

7 Names Matter

Finding the perfect name for your child is always hard. You want to make sure you find something you love and you think they can grow into. But according to HealthyWay.com, that people used to believe that the name you give your child could affect them as a worker.

They believed that a “soft” name would make your child too laid back and parents want their kids to grow up to be good workers. Don’t let this old rule affect what name you are choosing for your child because it will not affect their personality.

6 Babies Sleep Towards The North

The position your baby sleeps is important and we know know that babies must sleep on their backs for them to be able to breathe at night. But in the 1900s people thought the position a baby slept in mattered in the direction of the north pole.

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TheWeek.com states that doctors used to believe that babies need to sleep facing north since they believed our nervous system was somehow aligned with the world’s magnetic field. So, be thankful that you do not need to be in your baby’s nursery with a campus since the physical direction has no impact.

5 An Independent Child

As parents, all we want for our children is to grow up to be independent and take care of themselves. This is something you spend years teaching our children little things one at a time.

In the early 1900s, children were accepted to be independent of their parents where they can brush their own teaching, pick out their clothes, and even bathe themselves completely by themselves at three years old, according to HuffingtonPoast.co.uk. Even though you can teach your three-year-old some responsibilities at that age all of those things are a lot for a toddler to handle.

4 Leave Your Children Alone To Have Them Build Character

Like we mentioned parents used to think that they are less involved they were the more likely they were to become responsible. RedBookMag.com mentions that parents used to believe that the best way to build character in their kids were to leave them alone.

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This meant they would spend all day outside, by themselves, look after themselves and most importantly not to touch them, but if you have to give them physical contact you can give them a handshake in the morning. Now we know that as parents we need to teach our children what is right and wrong to put them on the right path.

3 A Bath Full Of Lard

One of the cutest moments with your baby is bath time. You get to fill up a tub with water and bubbles and bring in all of their favorite bath toys. These are not the type of baths that parents used to give their kids.

GoodHouseKeeping.com states that a baby’s first bath has a weird tool, lard, to help the umbilical cord fall off. Bathing your newborn in lard is disgusting and very unsanitary. So we are happy that this tradition got traded in for bubble baths each will actually help clean your little one.

2 Start Potty Training ASAP

Potty training is a day that we always look forward to as parents. We want our kids to be able to use the bathroom by themselves so we do not have to change any more diapers. According to HealthyWay.com, the U.S. government used to recommend that parents should start potting training as an infant.

We can only assume that parents must have loved the fact that their child as out of diapers fasts, but potty training is something that takes time and understanding from their children to know what they are doing.

1 Invest In A Baby Cage

We mentioned before that parents thought that their babies needed to spend all day outside, but what are parents supposed to do if they didn’t have a backyard and lived in the city? Well, that’s easy, parents need to purchase a baby cage that would stick outside their window so their baby can be outside Factinate.com stated.

Baby cages would not go over well with parents today. And to be fair you would not want your baby hanging over a busy street in a cage. So be happy that we are a parent in the 2000s.

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