As 'Dieting' Becomes More Taboo, Weight Watchers Is Changing Its Name

Weight Watchers

One of the companies that it feels like they have been around forever and pretty much a household name is Weight Watchers. They have become a ledged of sorts in the diet industry and as we move into an era where people are becoming more focused on their overall wellness, then dieting per se, Weight Watcher will be evolving, too. How so? They will be changing up their name so that customers know they are more than just a diet company.

On Monday, the company announced it plans to change their name from Weight Watchers to simply, WW. They want everyone to realize that they are much more than just a diet company and are much more focused on everyone's overall health and wellness rather than just shedding weight.

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Mindy Grossman, the CEO of Weight Watchers, shared that while the company is still committed to being a weight management program, that the focus shouldn't just be on that. They want people to look at exercising, eating healthier and having a positive mindset.

And of course, we can't forget that major celebrity, Oprah Winfrey plays a huge role in everything happening with the company after buying more than 8% stake and sitting on the board. She said, "The role WW can play in people's lives goes far beyond a number on the scale," Winfrey said in the release. "As Weight Watchers becomes WW, I believe we will continue to inspire people not only to eat well, but to move more, connect with others and continue to experience the joys of a healthy life."

With their newly developed "Freestyle Program" that allows you to eat a much wider variety of foods, many with zero points, plans to relaunch their app and bringing on so many cool celebrity ambassadors, they truly are more than just diet tools, but an all-encompassing wellness brand. And not to mention that their stock is up this year by 65%, meaning that people are loving everything the company has to offer.

And they are only making things even better. Starting in December, WW members can find other people with similar experiences and goals, such as targetting different fitness or eating styles (i.e. a vegan diet) and join them in a place called Connect Groups. With a new focus on community, this will be a central component to WW's model, with the company holding more than 30,000 meetings every week, according to Grossman. Lastly, they will also be partnering with Amazon's Echo and Google Assistant to further strengthen those communities.

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