Class Action Lawsuit Brought Against Target And Maker Of Potty Training Product

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There is a new report that says a class action lawsuit has been brought against giant retailer Target and the maker of a potty-training product after there have been reported cases of laceration on at least 15 toddlers and their genitals.

According to reports, Kristensen Weisberg, LLP, and Carpenter Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP, announced in a press statement that they have filed a class action lawsuit after one client’s 3-year-old son and more than 15 other toddlers used a potty-training device sold by Target. The toddlers’ genitals were stuck to the WeePOD, causing laceration. The devices are made by Prince Lionheart, Inc.

The lawsuit further alleges that the WeePOD was sold at Target despite the fact that Prince Lionheart was fully aware of other complaints that were made against the product as far back as 2012. At first, Target allegedly refused to warn customers who purchased the older defective models.

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"Our initial client, a three year-old child, suffered severe and painful injuries as a result of this defective product," said John Kristensen, co-attorney for the plaintiffs. "His parents were devastated and traumatized by witnessing their toddlers' ordeal. Prince Lionheart knew there were problems with this defective potty-training device, knew of prior complaints but refused to take the product off the shelf. They had a duty to warn customers about the dangers of their WeePOD product. Their failure to do so was reckless and led directly to the mutilation of my client."

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The lawyers further allege that this has never been just an isolated incident. Prince Lionheart, for their part, has refused to recall or warn their customers about the approximately 650,000 defective products that are being sold in Target, online and other major retailers. It’s also been pointed out that Prince Lionheart has redesigned the defect and changed the warning on its new product. With that being said though, they still refuse to do a recall on the older version of their product.

The first complaint was made a mother from California, and was followed by a dozen more parents who complained about their child’s genitals being either ripped or lacerated. The class action lawsuit urged Target from selling any more of the defective WeePods that were manufactured prior to the texture redesign. Luckily, Target has agreed to stop selling the WeePOD Basix product with manufacturing dates before March 23, 2018.

So far representatives for Prince Lionheart has not made any comments about the lawsuit, nor have they said anything about their defective models. Target spokeswoman Danielle Schumann said the company doesn't have any further comments other than the statement it issued saying that it is committed to providing high quality and safe products to their guests.

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