10 Effective Ways To Increase Concentration Level In Kids

Many parents are very frustrated at their children’s poor ability to finish homework and other tasks assigned to them in a timely manner. Especially when they’re in elementary school, children tend to have a short attention span and poor concentration levels. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help your child achieve better focus and more successes in both their academics and their extracurricular activities. Above all, you should always remain positive and encouraging in order to promote healthy growth in your little one. Today, we’ll be going over a list of the ten best strategies to increase the concentration level in children!

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10 Divide things up

Sometimes, a task may seem too daunting for a young child to comprehend. For example, a whole page of practice problems or building an entire lego set may seem tedious and time-consuming. As a result, many kids tend to falter in focus and give up halfway. To prevent this from happening and help your child complete their goals, try breaking the task up into smaller pieces if at all possible. For example, try asking them to do two or three problems at once instead of a whole page, and build the set in parts rather than tackling the whole thing. You’ll be surprised at how much more concentrated and motivated your little one will become!

9 Work Hard, Play Hard

Another reason kids tend to have low concentration levels is due to too much work and not enough play. Although it’s true that good work habits need to be cultivated from early on, it’s equally true that kids will get burned out and become unfocused and unmotivated if they’re only provided with chores and tasks. Ensure that your child has enough leisure time to play outside, hang out with their friends, or even play some video games every once in a while. As a result, they’ll be more willing to put effort towards the things they’re tasked with, and you’ll see drastic improvements to their concentration.

8 Provide A Good Environment

Distractions are almost always what destroys the focus and concentration of children. Younger siblings, noisy pets, and a messy room could all become potential distractions during your kid’s work time. In order to promote higher levels of concentration, you need to provide a clean, quiet environment for your child to study or perform tasks in. Make sure that they’ve cleaned their room before starting on their homework, and do your best to keep the house quiet. If you’ve got noisy animals or other children, a good alternative is to turn on some relaxing classical music for the benefit of the mind!

7 Remove Devices

]In this technological era, phones and tablets are constantly providing stimuli, from Facebook friend requests to game notifications. In order for your child to concentrate solely on the task at hand, it’s important that these devices are turned off and removed from view.

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Sometimes, even the sight of their phone or other devices while studying will serve to distract the mind and provide an enticing escape from their duties. To eliminate these possibilities, set firm rules about technology use during work time by asking your child to put them in a separate room as they work, or confiscate the device altogether until the task is done.

6 Get Some Physical Activity Before Doing Work

Adults often marvel at the high energy seen in their children. Often, children are fidgety and unfocused because of all the pent up extra energy needing to be let out. Therefore, it would be a wonderful idea to let your kiddos run around the yard, throw some frisbees, or shoot some hoops before asking them to sit down and get to work. If you do this consistently, you’ll find that your child will be a lot calmer and more focused on their studies. Of course, it’s also just as important to not wear them out too much, for then they might just fall asleep on their desk!

5 Give Frequent Breaks

Sometimes, it’s good to accommodate the short attention spans of children in order to help improve their concentration levels over the long run. If your child isn’t motivated to complete a task, incentivize them to redouble their efforts with promises of frequent breaks. Let them take a breather every 15 minutes of hard work they put in, and they’ll be much more likely to focus during work time. Of course, break time can’t be too long, and the activities they choose during break time can’t be mind straining. For example, you don’t want your kids playing video games every 15 minutes, as their mind will be more focused on the game than their work.

4 Set Firm Deadlines

Kids tend to procrastinate more if they aren’t given a firm deadline with certain consequences if they choose to neglect their duties. Especially with slightly older children, their concentration levels will be much higher if they understand that they must complete the task within a certain period of time. While you shouldn’t ever put unnecessary stress on your children, adding responsibilities to their routine will do them some good. For example, you could be firm that they must complete their homework before bedtime unless there’s special circumstances. Forcing your child to focus will eventually turn high concentration into a habit.

3 Try Focusing Games

Other than the traditional methods to boost concentration, there are also some fun old-fashioned games you can try to boost your child’s concentration. In fact, many schools incorporate these mind exercises into their curriculum to improve the focus and mental fitness of their students. Sudoku, crosswords, and puzzles are just some of the beneficial focusing games that are easy to teach your children. To hook their interest, try finding crosswords and puzzles pertaining to the topics they love. You can find a variety of different options from online sources as well as in book stores such as Barnes and Noble.

2 Maintain A Schedule

Part of the secret in maintaining a high concentration level is to make it a habit, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than performing tasks at a set time of the day. That way, your child will be mentally prepared to put in the effort at the same point during each day, greatly improving their focus and concentration. A great example of this is to do homework an hour after school every day, which gives your children enough time to unwind while still maintaining a regular schedule. Similar schedules can also be adopted for chores and extracurricular activities for the best experiences possible.

1 Adopt A Healthy Diet

Finally, the key to a healthy mind and a high level of focus is a healthy lifestyle! Making certain changes to your child’s diet routines could cause a profound effect on their level of concentration. In addition to providing your little one with lots of veggies and a balanced meal, there are also certain specific foods that serve to boost brainpower. For example, fatty fish, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and dark chocolate are all excellent choices for your child’s mental strength. Additionally, ensure that your little one gets enough sunlight and physical activity each day for the best performance!

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