10 Ways To Help An Anxious Teenager Cope With Stress

Today’s teens are feeling an enormous amount of pressure that other generations have not faced. Teens now have to deal with social situations all of the time due to social media, they need to focus on getting good grades to get accepted into a college they want, and many teens have part-time jobs to help pay for any experiences they might have, like a car. And with all of these things and just normal teenage feelings and pressure, there is no wonder why teens are anxious! So if you have an anxious teen then you want to keep ready to discover great coping mechanisms that can help them reduce their stress.

10 Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise can help people release chemicals in the brain to help cope with the different emotions that they have. This is why we strongly encourage you to talk to your teens about getting some exercise by joining a gym or class if they are feeling stressed.

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With them being around other people while working out it can help them unwind and focus just on their bodies. And we know that they will feel better after the workout. If your teen doesn’t feel comfortable going to the gym or to a fitness class then even just walking around their neighborhood will help.

9 Eating Right

The food we put into our bodies makes a huge difference in how we feel. So if you have an anxious teenager you might want to switch out foods in the house that are processed. And even though you might miss your snacks too, it will benefit everyone in the house. When your teen is eating healthy whole based foods like veggies, fruits, oats, and potatoes, their body will be getting the right nutrition its need and could help them feel better overall. So take a look at what is in your fridge and get rid of all of those processed foods.

8 Get Proper Sleep

Just like food affects our bodies, sleep also affects how our brains function. Since teens are known for staying up all night long watching TV and scrolling their social media feeds. But it is important to talk to your teens about getting a good night rest when it comes to helping with stress.

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While we are sleeping, our brains are able to relax and deprogram from the day, but if your teen is only getting five or fewer hours of sleep then they need to reconsider what is important to them.

7 Try Yoga

We mentioned before that exercise is great to help with dealing with emotions, but if your teen is not one that is interested in going to the gym, then they might want to look into yoga. Yoga is known for being great for your physical and mental wellbeing. Practicing yoga will help your teen learn how to relax their mind and body with simple poses. So even if they do not want to attend a yoga studio for this there are plenty of videos on youtube that your teen can watch to help them practice yoga.

6 Avoid Excess Caffeine

Teens are known today for loving their caffeine filled beverages. There are the typical drinks they have such as coffees, teas, and sodas, but now there are several different energy drinks that target market teens and young adults.

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And if your teen is known for drinking their energy drinks and sodas, then they are going to want to replace those with water. This is because there is excess caffeine in those drinks that increase feelings of anxiety. So look around to see what your teen is drinking throughout the day and talk to them about switching their drink of choice to water to help their bodies and anxiety.

5 Learn Meditation

Anxiety and stress are feelings that are brought on many times due to feeling pressure and stretching themselves too thin. And a great way to help your teen cope with these feelings is to introduce them to meditation. And they might be wary at first, but even if they just sit on their beds with no electronics, and they close their eyes and just focus on their breathing it could help reduce their stress. There are many apps, videos, and books that your teen can use to help them meditate.

4 Make Time For Their Favorite Activities

With someone is feeling stressed it can be very easy for them to want to stay inside and just watch TV all day. But when they do that it just makes their anxious feelings worse. So parents need to encourage their teens to take time for their favorite activities to help them unwind.

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It doesn’t matter what their favorite activities are, whether it being crafts, reading, or sports when your teen makes time for the activities that make them happy then it could help them overall. Talk to your anxious teens about spending some time doing just what they want.

3 Talk To Friends

Unfortunately, many teens do not like to talk about their feelings, and this is even truer when it comes to them talking about their feelings to their parents. So it is best for you to talk to your teenager to talk to their friends about what they are going through. Your teen might find out that they are not alone in feeling this way and that their friends might feel stressed too. Or even if their friends do not feel the same as your kids, their friends are going to want to spend time with them to see if they can do something to take their mind off what is bothering them.

2 Take A Mental Health Day

Sometimes the best thing for you to do to help your teen with feeling anxious and stressed is to let them take a mental health day. This could mean telling them to clear off their schedules so they can focus on themselves.

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This could mean that they can sleep in and try to catch up on some sleep, eating right throughout the day, and really just doing things that are relaxing for them. This mental health day will help your teen reboot their system and could end up being exactly what they needed.

1 Go To A Therapist

If your teen is going through a long period of them feeling anxious it is going to best for you to talk to your teen about going to see a therapist. Therapists are trained to help people work through their emotions and feelings.

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And there are many therapists that work specifically with teens and everything that they are going through. A therapist can also help your teenager figure out exactly what is causing them to feel this way and work on tools that they can use to help them in those situations.

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