10 Ways Parents Can Help A Child Starting A New School

Once your child gets into a good routine at their school, it can be hard for them to adjust and accept the fact that they are now enrolling at a new school. This could be because the family is moving or you found a school that is better suited for their needs. Attending a new school in the middle of the year can be scary for a child. As a parent, you want to make this transition as smoothly as possible for them so they can make new friends and jump right into learning.

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If your child is starting a new school in the middle of the school year, keep reading! We have some helpful tips to make it a smooth transition.

10 Pack Their Favorite lunch For A Mid-Day Surprise

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No matter how prepared you think your child is for their new school, sometimes things don't always go as planned. A great way for you to let your little one know that you are thinking of them is to pack their favorite school lunch.

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Packing their favorite meal can make them smile if their first day is not going as planned. And if their first day is going great, then they will still be excited to show their new friends what their mom packed for their lunch.

9 Tell Them They Are Going To Make New Friends

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Even though your kid can still invite their old friends over for playdates, they're going to be at a new school with new classmates. This is a chance for them to make new friends, which is something that you can talk to them about.

This can seem hard for your child at first, but they'll meet new people who they have things in common with, and that will make the transition easier. Make sure to remind your little one that they are going to be able to create new friendships.

8 Reach Out To Mom Groups In That Area

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Social media has turned into a wonderful way for people to connect over common interests, and joining the mom groups in your child's new school area is a good idea. Other moms will have the inside scoop about the school so you can tell your child the things they can look forward to when they start there.

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Making friends with moms can help your child make new friends and instantly have someone to look out for them when they're starting their new school.

7 Stay Calm For Them

One of the worst things you can do when your child is starting a new school is letting yourself be nervous around them. It might be common for you to be nervous and want the best when your little one is in a new situation, but if you're too nervous around them, that could just upset them even more.

Staying calm is the best thing for you to do for both of you, so stay strong and remind yourself that your child is going to be okay.

6 Prepare Them The Night Before

If your child is anxious about starting a new school, they might have a hard time falling asleep the night before the big day. But spending time with your child and going over what is going to happen on the first day can make them feel better.

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Tell your child that you'll drop them off and pick them up from the bus stop and that their teacher is excited for a new student. This can calm their thoughts and make them start thinking about their new school in a positive light.

5 Do Your Own Research About The School

Although you have talked to your child’s new school about your little one enrolling, there is still a lot of research that you can do before their big day. Looking up their school online and reading articles about them can give you and your child a better sense about what the atmosphere is going to be like in their new school.

You can find out what their school mascot is and get your little one pumped up about being a wildcat or shark. You can tell them about the school lunch menu and how they have their old favorite there and also discover extracurricular activities that your child might want to join.

4 Acknowledge Their Feelings

When your child is emotional, trying to calm them down is hard, and you never want to dismiss their feelings. You want to make your child feel like they are being heard and acknowledging how they are feeling and why they are feeling this way can overall make them feel a lot better.

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This will let your little one feel like you actually understand their feelings, even if you are just letting them cry it out. Let your child express themselves so they do not have any restful emotions on the first day of their new school.

3 Talk To Their teacher Ahead Of Time

Your child’s old teacher knew them, what they liked, what they excelled at, and what they struggled with, and transcripts can only tell a new teacher so much about your child.

Sitting down with their new teacher before your little one joins their class can give the new teacher a chance to meet your little one before the first day. You can talk to them about their teaching style and what was challenging at their old school so their new teacher can focus on that area.

2 Have Them Visit The School Before They Officially Start

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Many reasons why kids are afraid to start a new school is because it's different and they don't know what it's going to be like. They are not going to know where their classes are, the lunchroom is, and who their teacher is going to be.

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Give your little one a chance for them to tour the new school, meet their new principal and teachers, and feel prepared for their first day.

1 Remind Them That Even Their Old School Was New At One Point

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Your little one might have forgotten that they were once nervous about attending their old school.

Reminding them about this can show them how much they have grown to love their school, classmates, and teachers, which means they are going to be able to do it all again at their new school. 

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