10 Ways To Make Showering Easier While Caring for a Toddler

Before you had children, you often took showering for granted. Not only did you get to lather your hair with as much conditioner as your heart desired, you didn't have to worry about a little head popping between the shower's curtain for a solid morning scare. Showering is now quite the task... that is, if you're lucky enough to have the time to squeeze one in. Throw a toddler in the mix and you're in for a treat.

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So, considering how much work it takes to get a daily shower while caring for a little one, we have compiled 10 tricks to make a shower easier with a toddler.


The playpen can be necessary for when you need to squeeze in a shower. If your toddler doesn't know how to escape the walls of the playpen, you can put toys inside to distract them while you take a shower.

Toddlers enjoy being distracted by their favorite things. So, consider placing their favorite books, toys, or even clothing items while you take a well-deserved shower without the fear of your toddler getting into things that they aren't supposed to.


Yes, a bath is unlike a shower. And, we often try and shower for some alone time while getting clean for our days/nights. But, if all else fails, try to bathe together! This way you can clean yourself along with your toddler, which will save time during tonight's routine.

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Though this may not count as alone time, try to encourage your partner to help to allow you to read/watch TV/go for a walk when they arrive home considering you took care of bath time while they were gone. It's a win-win.


If you have to, considering splitting the shower up. If you have to wash your hair today, try to wash your body quickly at one point of the day where your child is safe and busy. Then you can wash your hair when your partner/help is home.

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Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If that means splitting up your showers into two separate times during the day, so be it.


This is a no-brainer for the parent who needs to shower while caring for a child. If you do not have a sliding glass door, considering purchasing a see-through shower curtain. This way you are able to see what your child is doing while you clean yourself.

Yes, this may take away from an intimate, private shower. But, you're responsible for a little life. And things have changed now. So, opt into a see-through curtain to keep your eyes on your little one. It's multi-tasking.


Oh, yes. That glorious nap. When most family and friends recommend that you sleep during this time as well, this is often the time where you get things done like the dishes, laundry, and cleaning the house. Instead, take your shower. Not only will it be un-interrupted (as long as they sleep the whole time), but it will also allow you the relief of trying to keep an eye on the toddler while you manage to clean your body and hair.

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It's a hard task, showering now that you have a toddler. But, it's doable... especially if they're soundly asleep.


Gulp. Yep,  we said it. Why not allow your child 5-10 minutes of screen time to distract them while you get your well-deserved shower? Everything in moderation, right? And though most experts recommend keeping your children away from any screens until the age of two (at least), sometimes there are some valid reasons why you've allowed your toddler to watch some Youtube or Netflix.

If it makes you feel better, opt for a more educational channel. It's ok to cave in order to shower. Again, you've got to do what you've got to do (as long as your child's safe). Just pass them your iPad. They'll survive. And you'll be clean.


Sorting is a fantastic activity to keep your toddler busy. So, while you watch them through your see-through shower curtain, encourage them to separate your Q-tips from your cotton swabs. Give them two unbreakable bowls to separate the items, and watch as they are distracted for the perfect amount of time.

Sorting not only betters their fine-motor skills, but may also help you organize your items better. Plus, you got your shower in while keeping your toddler safe and productive.


It's okay to ask a neighbour to come over and play with your busy toddler while you shower. Heck, if you can't shower for your day's duties and have to wait until your partner is home from work, accept it. It's okay to ask for help if you feel like it's more work to organize a five-minute shower than to not shower at all.

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It's wild how such a small, mandatory task can become a very difficult one once you're responsible for a small child. So, don't feel guilty if you need to ask for some help.


Toddlers love to sing and entertain others, especially when it's entertaining the people they love the most like their parents/caretakers. Encourage them to sing a song along with you.

Whether this is a lullaby they know from bedtime or a song they hear on the radio often, sing along so you can hear their little voice beside you while you quickly shower. Singing and showering do go hand-in-hand, so it's absolutely recommended you start them young so they can experience one of life's simple pleasures.


Telling stories doesn't have to wait until nap time or bed time. Stories are a great way to distract and encourage a toddler's mind. You can even do this when you also need a moment to yourself. Begin a silly and dramatic story while you're in the shower and your toddler is next to you playing with their toys.

Incorporate their toys as characters in the story, and go back and forth until you're laughing with how exaggerated it gets. Not only will this be a fun bonding moment with you and your toddler, but you will be able to successfully shower while entertaining your child.

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