10 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy When Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Now that we are in fall, Thanksgiving is right around the corner before the cold winter months arrive. If it is your turn to cook Thanksgiving dinner you might be wondering how you will be able to do it all while trying to entertain your child. This can be a hard task to keep your child busy while you are in the kitchen focusing on the turkey and all of the sides, but keeping them occupied will help you out and make you feel more at peace when cooking. Keep reading to discover ten ways to keep your kids busy when you are trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

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10 Put On The Parade

What are the holidays without seeing a parade? A great way for you to keep your kids busy while you are cooking is to put on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade so they can see all of the performances and floats. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition that you probably watched as a child and now you can pass on that love to your little ones. Or if your town is hosting a small parade then see if your partner or your parents can take them out to it so they can see all of the excitement in real life.

9 Let Them Decorate Cookies

When it comes to making Thanksgiving dinner, there is a lot to be done. From needing to cook the turkey to perfection, to making sides, appetizers, and desserts, it can feel like a lot of work for one person. So why not have the kids help you out? Your kids can be a great asset to helping you create some cookies for dessert. You can prepare some sugar cookie dough the day before, so on the big day you can set up a whole station for them. You kids are going to have a blast making cookies that their family will be able to eat and enjoy.

8 Pull Out Some Board Games

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to entertain kids is to have them play games, and that is especially true with board games. Pulling out some board games for them to play together will certainly keep them out of your hair while you are trying to cook. From suggesting that they should play one that all of your kids love or buying them a new special game for them to play on Thanksgiving, we know your kids are going to be happy to have some time to just play.

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7 Send Them To Their Grandparents

Since the holidays are all about spending time with the ones that you love, you should reach out to your parents or in-laws to see if they can take the kids over to their place before dinner. This gets your kids out of the house completely and lets them spend time with their grandparents. Your parents/in-laws will be thrilled to be able to spend some one-on-one time with your kids and kids always have fun at the grandparents' house.

6 Have Them Help Clean

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is not just about cooking. As a host, you need to make sure your house is clean and there are going to be enough seats for everyone to be able to sit down and eat dinner. A wonderful way to get things done while keeping your kids busy is to have them help clean up the house. They can sweep, dust, and even help set up the table. All of these things are great since it gets things done off of your to-do list for the day. Change up their chores for the week so they can help get the house ready for family to come over.

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5 Give Them A Task In The Kitchen

Kids love spending time with their parents. You are their everything and everything you do is fascinating to them. You can make them feel special and helpful by giving them a task to help you out with in the kitchen. Those tasks can be preparing the salad, washing dishes, or even mashing potatoes. All of these tasks are simple for kids to be able to do without supervision while you focus on the more difficult dishes you need to make for the meal. Think of some simple tasks that your kids can do in the kitchen so they can still be with you, but they are helping out and making the meal.

4 Put On A Movie

Cute little Asian 2-3 years old toddler baby boy child sitting in bed holding the tv remote control and watching television in bedroom at home, Toddlers Screen Time & Early Brain Development concept

Movies are something that kids love and will keep them glued to the television screen for the whole length of the movie. There are always new movies that are added to streaming services and there will certainly be one or two movies that your kids will love to watch. Or have them watch a classic Thanksgiving special and get It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It doesn't matter if you put on a new movie or a classic one since your kids will love watching something on a day off from school.

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3 Let Them Play Outside

If you are looking for a way to get your kids out of the kitchen so you can cook in peace, then you should suggest that they play outside. When your kids are outside they can run around and get their energy out. Them getting their energy down while they are outside will be great so they will be calm during the family meal. Just make sure you get your kids the proper jackets and outside wear so they can stay warm while playing outside in the later fall months.

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2 Make Them Greet The Guest

Kids love to feel special and if you give them a job on Thanksgiving, like making them greet and take the coats of the guest, they are going to be thrilled. They are going to take their task very seriously as they welcome all of your family and friends. And having them play host will keep them out of the kitchen while you finished up. Let your child feel like they are playing a big role during Thanksgiving.

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1 Have Them Make Thanksgiving Decorations

A wonderful way to keep your kids busy on Thanksgiving is to have them create some Thanksgiving crafts and decorations. You can let them create their own placemats or draw a Thanksgiving-themed picture on paper. Tell your kids that before they start doing arts and crafts that these items will be set up so your whole family can see them later today, and we know they will be proud of what they are creating.

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