10 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Love Reading

Parents who are bookworms dream of passing on a love of getting lost in fictional stories to their children. Whether on a warm summer's afternoon or a cozy winter evening, it's truly amazing to curl up with a book. Many parents love the experience of sharing stories with their little ones and fill up the nursery with a cute bookshelf full of books as soon as they're expecting.

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Whether your child is already an avid reader or they only do it sometimes, there are many things that you can do to make sure that they spend a lot of time doing this activity. Here are 10 ways to encourage your child to love to read.

10 Read To Them Regularly

One of the best ways to encourage your child to love to read is to read to them on a regular basis. You can definitely start this super early and can pick out some fun and adorable baby books during your pregnancy. Once your little one is here, you can carve out time in the mornings and evenings to read a few books.

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As your kids get older, there's no reason to stop this activity. You can read a book together and take turns reading aloud. This will help make your children more confident readers and also reinforce that it's a really enjoyable thing to do.

9 Find A Book Series They Will Love

The Harry Potter series is one example of a book series that has gotten tons of kids interested in reading. When you want your kids to love books as much as you do, you can find a book series for them to fall in love with.

This will help them see that reading is a really great activity to include in your everyday routine, and they will actually ask to have some time to read. Before you know it, they'll be totally hooked.

8 See If They Like Writing Their Own Stories

Sometimes, it just takes unlocking your kid's creative side to help them see how much they love reading. You can see if your children want to write their own stories. Start small and you can spend some time every night coming up with a story together. They can even write them down and you can make your own book, complete with colorful pictures.

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Your kids might write stories at school, which will help encourage their love of books as well.

7 Get A Library Card

For many kids (and grown-ups, too), there's not much that is better than a trip to the library to get a big stack of books. Getting a library card and showing your children that the library is a fun place is a great way to encourage them to love to read.

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You can visit your local library once or twice a week. Once it's part of your schedule, your kids will look forward to it, and they're bound to find some books that interest them. Whether they love fictional stories or they want some non-fiction about a certain topic (like bugs, for example), they'll love these trips to stock up.

6 Take Them To Story Time At The Library

When your kids are young, it's really great to bring them to story hour at the library in your neighborhood. You might even make some friends with the moms and kids who are there, which would be awesome.

Chances are, your kids will have such a good time that they'll ask to return again and again. Often, the librarians who host story time put on fun and hilarious voices and make the stories come to exciting life.

5 Talk About Storytelling

The art of storytelling is a pretty magical thing. The fact that we can come up with characters, beginnings, endings, plots, and conflict is beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Talking to your kids about storytelling will help get them more interested in reading. You can explain what a story is, why we like them so much, and how people construct them. This will help them better understand the stories within the pages of their favorite books.

4 Show Them Non-Fiction Books

When you want to encourage your kids to love to read, you can show them that while it's great to read novels that tell a fictional tale, non-fiction books are fascinating as well.

You can explain to them that no matter what subject they want to learn more about, they can find a book about it. This is where going to the library a lot is going to come into play, of course. Once you show children that reading is also learning, they're going to love it.

3 Find A Favorite Bookstore

Many of us grew up going to the same bookstore and we really loved the experience. Maybe it was a warm and cozy atmosphere, or there was a super comfy chair (or some cute stuffed animals) in a corner, or perhaps the owner was friendly and always talked to us.

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Finding a favorite bookstore can be another great way to encourage kids to love to read. They will associate reading with this wonderful place that they love visiting so much. And maybe the owner or one of the employees can recommend some great books that they will love, too.

2 Give Them Books As Presents

Another way to encourage your kids to read could be giving them books as presents. Sure, of course you want to get them toys (especially the ones that they've been asking for), but you can add some novels into the mix as well.

You can also talk to your family and friends so they can get your little ones books for birthdays and Christmas as well. It'll be a team effort, and with so many exciting books to read, your kids will be racing through them in no time.

1 Let Them See You Reading

We often say that kids copy what we do, and the same thing is true of both positive and negative habits. When you read all the time, your kids will notice and they're going to want to be just like you and do the same thing.

Reading soon become a part of your family's routine, and your children will truly enjoy the activity as much as you do.

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